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I am the kind of person who loves lists. I’m pretty sure that at one point I have made a list of categories for my lists so as to keep track of them. I’m really organized and if “really good ability to follow through and check things off lists” were something I could put on my resume, it’d be in bold.

I get a certain satisfaction from completing goals and tasks I’ve set for myself, and while I regularly do this in my everyday life, I don’t always get rewarded (or even recognized – moreso, I get “what-are-you-doing-is-this-another-list”‘d at!) for my organizational skills and to-do list completion ratio. Kind of like the same satisfaction I get from achievements in my video games or the pretty spectacle every time I level up my character, actually!

I have no idea why it never occurred to me that something to combine these things existed until I stumbled upon HabitRPG via a shared Facebook link. Once you set up an account, you create a little character and can make lists of things to help you keep better track of your lifestyle — changes that especially help in building positive habits in your day to day life.


The displays feature 8-bit style classic RPG game graphics on the main characters, pets, mounts and NPCs. There are limited levels of customization, but I donated a couple dollars because I commend the effort put into maintaining the website as well as the genius behind combining two things that are my favorite ever! 😛 I also really wanted that rainbow hair for my little girl, let’s be real:



The lists are set out into four groups – Each thing you put on the group can be customized to a specific difficulty level or day and the color of the task depends on how often you’re completing it. Red means you aren’t very often and blue means you are doing it consistently! If your daily task is gray, that means it isn’t set to occur on that day, or you’ve already completed it (if it has a check mark)!

Habits are things you do regularly that can be either good or bad and count for or against you.  For example, “Eat healthy” can be on the list, and if you did eat healthy, you would hit the + button and it’d reward you. If you didn’t, you would hit the – button and it would subtract points and HP.

Dailies are tasks you mean to complete at least once a day – You can arrange these by the day of the week as well, so if you have a M-W-F schedule at the gym, you can set those ones to appear only on those specific days. And if you go to the gym on a Thursday for a Yoga class, you can still get points for it!

To-Dos  are things you only plan to complete once, and they won’t reduce your health or count against you if you don’t complete them by any specific date like the dailies will. Examples of to-dos for me recently have been to book our hotel reservations for our upcoming vacation and study for my Biology test next week!

When you get XP, your character levels up. At level 10, it asks you to choose between various classes! More equipment and items become available as you progress in the game as well. It’s like playing an RPG character just by taking care of menial, everyday tasks!


There are also other fun things in the game. Mounts and pets exist, and you can equip them as well as armor and weapons for your character. You can check into the Inn if you’re planning on going vacation (so your missed dailies won’t count against you if you need a couple days off and don’t want to lose all acquired gold and health), and participate in game chat with other users about various topics from actual IRL games to tips on productivity!

The site has tons of features to explore, and I’d suggest anyone who seems like this would be their thing to check it out!

You can visit the website by clicking here!

Or, you can download the app on your mobile device below. I use the website primarily, so I don’t have a ton of experience with the mobile apps, but I’m trying to convince Nick to use the app! Maybe when he reads this, he will download it! 🙂


HabitRPG on iTunes

HabitRPG on Android and GooglePlay

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