Welcome to the Family, Princess Polly Anna Pibb!

A few nights ago while driving home, Nick and I saw a little blur running along the side of the street near a ditch in the rain. I asked him to pull over and we called to the puppy, and as soon as we opened the door, it ran across the road to us and jumped into the car. She was small and soaked through, shaking with little cuts on her face like something had attacked her. She didn’t have tags, so we decided to bring her home until we could figure something out for her!


As soon as we got home, we gave her a bath to clean all the dirt and mud that she had been covered with. She didn’t bark or bite the entire time! Once she was clean, we introduced her to Tibby and Buffy — although all were wary at first, they’re slowly getting used to each other!

I quickly fell in love with her! She’s so cute and gentle, but I worry someone mistreated her before she got away because of the way she acts around food and when she hears loud sounds. 😦 We brought her to the vet a few days after finding her to check and see if she was microchipped — We had decided that we wanted to keep her, but didn’t want to take her away from a family who cared about her! So we checked online and for flyers in the neighborhood she was found, but nobody seems to be looking! She isn’t microchipped either!

A quick once-over by the veterinary assistant put the puppy’s age at between 5 and 8 years old. She has bad teeth and can’t eat hard food, so we bought soft food for her and she’s been eating like a little piggy ever since! 😀

IMG_0864[1] IMG_0862[1] IMG_0884[1]

She is a blend of browns that links the coloring of Tibby and Buffy together! She also looks a lot like Tibby himself, just a bit smaller and more sausage-like, haha!

IMG_0879[1] IMG_0888[1] IMG_0887[1] IMG_0876[1]

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