Vacation Post: Flying through Instagram!

They’re the kinds of pictures you have to take EVERY SINGLE TIME you ride an airplane to anywhere! 😛

Because of the amount of photos I took, I’m going to split them up by section! We were able to do so many fun things and visit so many awesome people on our trip, and I want to be able to give each the attention it deserves. 🙂

Our trip started off pretty rough. We were supposed to fly into Sacramento at 11:30 AM on Friday morning — We didn’t end up checking into our hotel until after midnight! Due to an issue at the airport with the line for checked baggage being obscenely long, we ended up missing our original flight and got stuck on the next one, which pushed our arrival back 3 hours with a ridiculously long layover in the Dallas International Airport.

Let me tell you just one thing and if this is the only thing you ever, ever remember from me, I’d say that’s a job well done: Never fly with American Airlines and NEVER get a layover at the Dallas International Airport if you can help it.


While waiting to board our flight 3 hours late in Dallas, we were told that we were “on standby”. That meant that if the plane passengers all showed up as per the plan, we would not be able to fly. We would have to wait until the next flight, and then if that one were full too, we’d have to wait again and so on and so on, INDEFINITELY until a plane with 2 open seats popped up.

This was after the reason we missed our first flight being largely due to the fact that with a line of about 50 + people trying to check their luggage for American Airlines’ counter, ONLY TWO AGENTS were available and helping people. Each person (or family group) had over 2 pieces of luggage – some with up to TWELVE PIECES! And still, only two people taking care of shit, despite the time ticking away and the boarding time of planes getting closer and closer.

And despite this, they were not apologetic at all — on the contrary, almost every single person I dealt with that had the AA logo emblazoned on their name tags like some sigil of evil gave me a really bad attitude and was almost 100% unhelpful. Twice I was actually ignored while AA coworkers GOSSIPED amongst themselves about airport drama and lunch, standing at the counter and waiting for someone to explain why the hell I wasn’t on the plane I should be on.

IMG_0058[1] IMG_0064[1]

Finally, FINALLY, after two flights that would not accept us after being promised hours before that we’d be able to get on them, we were told that if we paid an additional $150 (after already spending hundreds of dollars to fly with this horrible airline to begin with), we would secure seats and arrive in Sacramento after an additional 4 hour layover in LA.

And we wouldn’t get into Sacramento until AFTER 11 PM! That is over 12 hours after we were supposed to get there. We paid it because it was the only option we had. We missed the wedding rehearsal dinner, we missed our check-in for our hotel and our pick-up for our car and I had to spend over an hour on the phone with representatives at different places trying to get fees that added up to over $200 due to arrival tardiness waived so we would have transportation and a place to sleep.  We barely made the wedding that we had made the entire trip for, but we did FINALLY make it and that’s what matters!

IMG_0068[1] IMG_0038[1] IMG_0048[1]

Luckily, our flights both from Sacramento to Portland and from Portland back home to Orlando were blissfully uneventful. I had even signed up for the rewards program with American Airlines, planning to use them again for our trips in the future, but after this entire thing I can safely say I would be very hard pressed to ever find a legitimate reason to fly with them. We missed an entire day of the vacation I had spent months planning and working for, which could have been 100% avoided had the airline just had sufficient coverage — or employees more empathetic than a cucumber. And, while I do understand that sometimes shit happens, had I been treated with even dewdrop of respect when trying to fix the mess that they had created, I probably wouldn’t have such a negative view of them. 😦

IMG_0649[1] IMG_0821[1] IMG_0822[1]

Aside from airline drama, I finished reading the Veronica Mars book that follows up to the movie – The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line! I couldn’t put it down and it was probably the only thing keeping me sane throughout all that airport stuff! The book read pretty much exactly like the show and movie were, and the book managed to have multiple plots simultaneously going on beside each other without any of them falling flat — Although, I would have loved to read more about my pal Weevil! 🙂

I’d definitely recommend it to any fellow Marshmallows! And speaking of recommendations, while in Portland, I picked up a few books from the famous Powell’s Books!  A lot of my friends are avid readers, and these three books were suggested to me by them! I got through about half of the Game of Thrones book on our way home and I am obsessed. I will save that for another day though! 😉


Haven’t gotten around to the other two yet, but I will be posting both book and comic reviews with more regularity soon! I’m hoping to use any spare time I have this summer due to taking most of it off from school as time to pick up additional hours with my job and focus on frequent posts! My little blog is my baby, and I miss it when I’m away.

And on that note, I’ll be getting a little blog makeover soon! Stay tuned for that plus tons more vacation posts! 🙂


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