Vacation Post: The Wedding!

Our whole vacation was prompted by an invitation from my friend Noël to come visit her for her wedding. Although we hadn’t really known each other very long by that point, we had bonded over talk of hair dye, sassy cats and the mutually shared annoyance of finding everything you want when you’re clothes browsing and broke, but finding nothing that looks decent when you have money and are actively looking to buy! I was honored to be invited to her wedding, and since I had never been to one, I was super excited for all the things that you see on TV when people get married! 😀 

The first thing we did when we arrived in Sacramento was check into our hotel after a long and crappy day stuck in an airport was pass the heck out, lol. We woke up early the next morning, had breakfast at the hotel and left to help with the wedding! Due to our flights being ruined by the airline, we missed the rehearsal dinner and the opportunity to meet with all the main participants of the wedding the night before. When we got to the wedding venue, Noël and her husband-to-be’s family and friends were bustling around, setting everything up!

The venue was in a really cool old barn, with empty open stables and large areas for dinner tables and dancing! There were pretty lights strung everywhere, printed Instagram snapshots of the couple and lots of handmade touches that made the wedding unique and detailed! There were little mason jars with painted names and paper straws, goodie bags with taffy and candy, plastic wine flutes for congratulatory toasts and more Instagram pictures on each table!

Nick and I helped set the little accents and tables up, and we were so impressed by how well everything went together – the pretty color scheme with the wooden surroundings was beautiful and everything looked natural and classy.









We headed to the hotel that Noël’s parents had booked for them as a wedding gift so that the bride and her bridesmaids (and mommabear!) could get ready for the big event. The photographer arrive and once everyone was finished getting ready, we headed outside so they could be picked up and brought back to the venue. While we waited, tons of people walked by and told everyone how great they looked and gave congratulations for the wedding! 

Noël’s dress had one shoulder, which accented her tattoo arm and made the colors stand out so vibrantly! The bridesmaids dresses were also gorgeous, dark grey and sparkly and the skirts were flowy and soft! Everything was so coordinated and beautiful, even Noël’s wedding jewelry matched her ring! Her mom was also super stylish in a dress that was the same color as the bridesmaids dresses, but was definitely more ~mother of the bride~, all sophisticated and fancy!  We didn’t see any of the bros that are in the wedding party until later, and I didn’t get any pictures of them really, but they looked great too! 

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The ceremony itself took place a little over an hour or so later. Everybody gathered outside of the barn in a big grassy area with shade from trees. The weather in California is SO MUCH BETTER than the weather in Florida – there was barely any humidity, a breeze, the sunshine was warm but not sweltering. It was the most picturesque day I could ever imagine for a wedding and I was so happy it worked out that way for them!

I cried like a big baby because, duh, of course I did. 😛 The crowd cheered and laughed and cried their way through the vows and promises right along with me, and the applause when the bride and groom finally kissed was so loud!

IMG_0984 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0982



After the ceremony, we all went inside to eat! There was barbecue food and potato salad and all kinds of things being served by the caterers, and it was soooo good! I would’ve taken pictures of it but I am a hungry hippo and ate it all! 😀

And then came cake!!! Each layer had a different cake/filling combination – chocolate, red velvet and a normal layer! I could hardly even watch them cut into it though because it was just so pretty, I almost didn’t even want to eat it! (But I did and it was DELICIOUS!)

Ryan’s sister also made these little cookie dough balls that were great – The wedding seriously had a lot of yummy things, I’m surprised I didn’t gain a hundred pounds from how good it all was!

IMG_0976 IMG_0993 IMG_0986 Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset IMG_0281

We stayed until after the wedding and helped Noël, Ryan and their families clean everything up. We met one of Noël’s friends, who regaled us with tales of late night cover bands, real estate, his theory on the missing plane and about a million other really interesting things – Nick thought he was the coolest guy and was sad when we parted ways, haha! 

During the wedding, we met tons of people and all of them were so welcoming and nice to us, even though nobody but Noël really even knew who we were! I possibly had a lot of wine against my better judgement and at the urging of my Table 8 peers, and ended up giving a speech and crying in front of everyone – which was met with applause and Noël crying back at me — happily, haha!

It was a great night and an amazing wedding – I’m so thankful that Noël and Ryan invited us to be a part of it, and to experience everything with the people they’re closest to! Seeing them together and seeing how in love and happy they were, and how happy everyone around them was for them, was truly one of the greatest parts of our whole vacation and it was so awesome to be there for it! 🙂


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