Happy Birthday, Let’s Get Galactic!

June marks the second anniversary of my little blog! It came up so quickly!

Nick is currently helping me with a blog renovation since it’s been awhile since things have been spruced up around here – before we moved to Boston even, and that was already over a year ago! Time sure does fly! The complete revamp will hopefully be done sometime this summer!

To commemorate the birthday of my blog, I’ve made a really cool wishlist that includes awesome things to make both you and your home outta this world!*

* I ran this joke by Nick to get approval before posting, so you can blame him for that! 😀

ModCloth is doing their Give $15, Get $15 offer, so if you’re planning to order more than $50 worth from them this summer, use this link to do it and save $15 off your order! 

NASA recently tweeted this photo of around 10,000 galaxies in the universe, in all their sparkling, colorful and gorgeous glory:

space twitter

Nothing to put your problems in perspective like that kind of view, right? Jeez Louise! :O

To keep up with my blog’s overall theme, I present to you a wishlist of  space-themed awesome things from dresses to a backpack I’d love to have next semester! Maybe a back to school dress or two, hmmm? 🙂

Space Wishlist

1) Blast-Off From the Past Tee

2) Star Out Backpack

3) Lunar Landing Doormat

4) Topic of Constellation Earrings

5) Constellation Bias Doormat 

6) Day off the Grid Dress in Galaxy

7) Celestial Chateau Shower Curtain

8) Celestial Being Dress

9) Galaxy Me Shine Socks

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