Vacation Post: Shopping in Japantown

Sorry about the short hiatus! I started my summer term 5 weeks ago and between taking two 4+ month long classes condensed into the span of 5 short weeks, working 40+ hours a week and new puppies (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), it’s been pretty chaotic around here and I’ve barely had a good night’s rest, not to mention the time it’d take for me to update!

Now that the semester is winding down, I realize I never posted the entirety of my trip photos from Nick & I’s vacation BACK IN APRIL! :O

In case you need a refresher:

Here’s the wedding recap!

Here’s where we left our hearts in San Francisco!

And here’s a tour of Alcatraz!


One of the best parts of our vacation was that I was able to meet up with so many of my online friends! I have been fortunate enough to meet a bunch of really amazing women from all over the world thanks to various websites like GreatestJournal, Tumblr and Facebook Groups! Some of these ladies have known me for over a decade and we’ve seen each other go through some seriously hard stuff, and I’ve always been impressed and in awe of how strong and beautiful they all are.

A few of my e-pals have visited me (or I’ve gone to see them) in the past, but quite a few of them lived on the West coast and since that’s as far as you can be while staying in the same country from me, visits weren’t really as simple as being just a road trip away.

We spent our last day in San Francisco hanging out with two of the coolest ladies I know – Julie and Kiki! They introduced us to Japantown and all of the AMAZINGLY CUTE things to be found! Kiki is a great tattoo artist, and originally we were supposed to visit her at her shop so I could get my very own Kiki original, but because of the additional travel costs due to American Airlines being a bag of butts, I didn’t get to. Another visit to SF is obviously in my future! 🙂


There was an entire store in the shopping mall devoted to these larger than life photobooths. Most of them were in another language, but we managed to get through it okay thanks to Julie’s expertise with the booths! The booth edits your photos by making the colors brighter, making your eyeballs bigger (REALLY!) and then after you take the pictures, you can add all kinds of super kawaii effects! It was so much fun and the photos turned out FABULOUS!



We stopped in a store offering all kinds of anime/manga themed things! I picked up a few Attack on Titan things for my little brother, and then spotted these two amazing sets – I NEED THEM BOTH!


This was an enormous store where everything was basically $1 unless otherwise marked. EVERYTHING?!!?!? They have anything and everything you could ever need or want – I WISH we had one of these here! There were so many things I wanted but knew we’d struggle to bring back home in our suitcases. So many weird snacks, too! Nick bought this rectangular blob of something that gave the airport security guy a brief moment of pause whilst scanning our belongings. That’s how weird it was. AND NICK ATE IT!


Isn’t this the most adorable restaurant you’ve ever seen? Everything was so cute, I die!


Fancy Lolita shops! These clothes are super expensive but BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t notice the “no camera” signs plastered all over every wall until Nick pointed them out, haha. I was too entranced by all the pretty things! Even their dressing rooms were beautiful. And you get to be dressed up while working!!!



This was in the courtyard type area of Japantown! It was a gorgeous day!


Yay!! 😀



We ate lunch at this crepe place! You don’t eat them with silverware – the crepes are PACKED full of whatever you want and then served in a cone type thing! It was so cool and they had SO MANY flavors, everything from strawberry sundae to Hawaiian (with ham, pineapple and cheese!).



Thank you so much to both of you wonderful ladies for everything! It was a blast spending the day with you two and we definitely would not have been able to experience the awesome of Japantown had you not taken us there! ❤

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