The last two months or so of life have gone by in a crazy blur. I’ve sat down at my desk at least three times to try writing a post that appropriately condenses everything neatly with a few photos to share the details, but it’s proven to be a more difficult task than initially thought!

Firstly, I do still have one or two vacation photo posts coming up! I haven’t yet chronicled our time spent in Portland; it was an incredible few days and I want to give it the attention it deserves! But it’ll be up soon, and I’m hoping the drool-worthy photos of food, scenery & gorgeous gals I’ll share will make up for the delay! 🙂

I finished my Spring semester back in May, and immediately had my financial aid revoked due to things that had happened during my first time in college. Although I made the Dean’s List for Spring and had a great GPA for the semester, stuff from my other school ended up popping back up – things that stemmed from my sister passing away, and my inability to continue attending class afterward due to depression. It was a really difficult time, and so I wanted to make sure I had “all my ducks in a row” and was able to handle the responsibility of school before going back. I had finally done that, and I was doing really well, and then the old stuff ended up coming back to bite me in the financial-aid-booty!

It was a really stressful mess, but through support from friends and family, I managed to get everything situated with my school and my mom and I appealed the decision for the revocation of my aid. And guess what? It was approved! 😀 The school saw how hard I’d been working since coming back, and I explained everything that had happened with my sister to the financial aid board. They allowed me to be put on an academic plan that states I won’t fail or drop any other classes for the rest of the time I’m receiving financial aid, which was no problem for me and I was able to take classes this summer after all! 🙂

Now it’s August, and I just ended my Summer 2014 term. This semester has been intense; on top of working, I’ve been taking two classes that are normally 4.5 months long, condensed into 5 weeks. I’ve studied more and slept less this summer than I probably ever have, but it paid off! I passed all my finals and made the President’s List!

And! More exciting news than that!



Polly had puppies!!! We had been monitoring her closely throughout the entire pregnancy, and over the last couple of weeks before they were born, she had gotten so big that she was having difficulty getting onto furniture and walking up and down the stairs. One night before bed, I was holding her and talking to Nick about how amazing it was that the tiny babies (we expected 2 puppies, tops) would soon be out of her and into the palms of our hands!

That night as we slept, Polly gave birth! We didn’t even wake up until afterward! I woke up at around 5 AM to a very panicked Nick shaking me awake with, “UMMMM, CASSIE…?!?!?” Our bed was soaked and disgusting, but five perfect little new babies were there and Polly looked so proud!

10561733_251440158385339_5092991637234695117_n 10527848_251555505040471_4475619603743443432_n

10557271_251530411709647_6790357097976741318_n 10557348_251529361709752_580431178988408821_n IMG_2995[1] IMG_3022[1] IMG_3023[1] IMG_3268[1]

We did have a scare about a week or so after they were born — Polly’s health started declining and we found out through Googling that she was showing signs of Milk Fever, which means that her body wasn’t able to keep up with the amount of feedings the babies needed and her calcium was being depleted (or that’s how we understood it, anyway!). We rushed her to the emergency veterinary clinic and they confirmed our fears but assured us that they’d take care of her — and they did!

She was back to normal within a couple of hours, and we’ve been monitoring her super closely for the last few weeks to make sure she’s okay. We’re giving her calcium supplements, puppy food and she’s been doing great — she’s really good about being attentive to her puppies but also makes sure to let us know when she’s had enough and need to spend some time alone! I luckily have a friend who is very experienced with animals and fostering them, so she’s helped give advice when she can about puppy care, and I’ve also consulted with Tibby’s vet a time or two just to make sure they’re aware of our situation should any other problems arise!


So yeah, it’s been a whirlwind around here! I have a few weeks off from school right now and I’m getting used to a second project with my company that I started on last week. My financial aid was approved for next term, and my schedule for Fall is finalized! I’m looking forward to my new classes, to growing puppies, to work advancement and to my BFF’s visit from Canada — which is happening this month! After 10 years of e-friendship, we’ll finally be able to take selfies and gush over our shared fandoms – from Harry Potter Land to the Buffy finale she’s saving to watch FOR THE FIRST TIME with me once she gets to Florida! There will be much more on that later though, I’m sure 😀

This year is FLYING by! Can’t wait to see what the last few months have in store for me!

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