Is it really almost November?!

As much as I’d like to start this post off with the typical apology for how absent I’ve been as of late, I won’t. I don’t want to lie to you, readers, and I am not sorry!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks busting my butt with school, which is paying off tremendously by my A-average for this term – and we’re already mid-semester! I still have quite a bit left to do but I’m on the right track so far.

Last weekend Nick and I took a trip up to Maryland to visit the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt! It was close to where his parents live, so he visited them a bit, and we were also able to kill multiple metaphorical birds with one stone by picking up some things we had left in their basement when we moved back down to Florida! (Can you believe it’s been 2 years since we left Boston? It seems like just a few months ago that I was making snow angels and taking pictures of icicles! /wistful sigh)

I’ll have much more about the NASA trip in a couple of days – I’m still trying to get used to the flow of real life again, even after just a brief vacation, and on top of that I came down with some sort of tummy bug! Just my luck! I’m feeling better than I did this morning though, and I can’t wait to share everything I learned during the trip – it was such a great experience, and I’m so grateful and honored to have been chosen to participate! 😀

I have a ton, ton, TON of stuff to share from the last little while – my best friend’s visit from Canada in September, my birthday celebrations, my new infatuation with the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge (which will be getting its own post, BEWARE!) and a few reviews! I also have a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies that I’m in the process of perfecting (Alasthe delicate pumpkin vs chocolate balance!) and a few more random odds and ends I’ll get around to sharing… eventually! 😛

I’ll leave you with a shot of these cool new Moo-ly made (heh heh, see what I did there?) cards I received to promote my social media accounts / blog! Being the ditz that I am, I left off the URL — oops! Since the accounts all link back to the blog, I’ll call it a job well done, but the next batch will be a tiny bit different, lol. XD


Recognize any of the pictures used from my blog? 😀

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