Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015!

Here it is again – the infamous “New Year’s Resolutions/End of the Year” post! Gym sales team members everywhere are preparing for their big bonuses over the next month as people flock to create better versions of themselves while spouting slogans such as “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!”


Instead of some huge list of ways to turn my life completely around, right all wrongs and change all bad habits I’ve acquired over these last 26 years, I’d like to share some general goals that I’d like to focus on in 2015.


2014 was been intense – INTENSE for emphasis. I was a full time student for the entire year, including two expedited 5-week-courses in the summer, and I managed to raise my GPA by almost a full point by earning nearly straight As throughout (a few Bs are spattered about here and there, giving me shady eyes from the corners where they sit, resented and begrudged).


I was rewarded for my hard work by making the Dean’s List, and then the President’s List for two semesters in a row and earning all As during the Fall term! On top of just receiving good grades, I’ve also learned so many things that I didn’t know before – and next semester I’m taking a foreign language! Even if I spent the rest of my life being a forever student, I doubt I’d even make a dent in how much there is to learn. Is it lame that learning is this exciting for me?! Don’t tell me if it is. 😛


I’ve also had a very busy work year, and moved up a bit at my job a couple of months ago! It’s been exciting to be given new responsibilities and to learn more about leadership and how to utilize tools that will benefit me in school as well as beyond. I also really love the people I work with, and actually enjoy going to work every day – how many people say that? 🙂


I was also able to experience new things by traveling a bit this year – which was also largely thanks to the flexibility of my job – and after over a quarter century of being well acquainted with the East coast, I finally set foot on the West! Visiting California, Portland and a teeny bit of Washington was the best vacation I had been on, and I’m looking forward to the next year being filled with similarly exhilarating and horizon-broadening experiences!


The rest of my time that wasn’t spent between the few things above was divvied between reading new books (see a few of my favorites from this year below!), seeing new movies and rediscovering old favorites — I can’t even describe how elated I’ve felt watching Gilmore Girls again now that it’s back on Netflix! It’s the little things — like coffee appreciation and  sepia toned intros and constant-Fall weather  — that I’ve enjoyed the most this year!


As great as 2014 has been, I am definitely looking forward to 2015! Despite the first paragraph of this post, I am all up on the “new year yay!” bandwagon and it’s so exciting to make plans and goals for the future. Even if things don’t always go according to plan, HAVING a plan is  a relief!


Goals for 2015


  1. Do well during my school semesters, and graduate in the Fall
  2. Visit theme parks more often with our annual passes
  3. Get my passport for the first time!
  4. Learn a new language (I’m taking Spanish this year!)
  5. Save $$$$!
  6.  Read more!!! (35 BOOKS is my goal!)


The above photo had been circulating through various social media websites this week and I’ve decided to accept the challenge! I’ve made a list of some of the things I plan to read for some of the subjects, and for the others I’m sure I’ll figure it out along the way in 2015. My first book for this year is Horns by Joe Hill – I’ve read other books by him and I’ve liked them a lot; Nick is also reading a hardcover copy along with me while I read my Kindle version! 😀

So far, this year has been just as busy (if not more so!) than the last. I’m less than a week in and I’ve already been proposed to, met my sister for the first time and visited 3 different theme parks! :O More on all of that later though — Oh! I also want to spruce my blog up a bit since it’s been awhile! Hopefully that’ll happen soon. 😉


‘Til next time! Here are some of the last few photos I took in 2014:

IMG_6844[1] IMG_6662[1] IMG_6848[1] IMG_6865[1] IMG_6685[1] IMG_6551[1] IMG_6764[1] IMG_6869[1] IMG_6870[1] IMG_6819[1]10675791_311075905755097_5256919602775675697_nIMG_7070[1]IMG_7071[1]IMG_7060[1]

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