My New Year’s Eve Proposal!

I wrote this over a month ago and am only just now, in March, realizing that I set it to “draft” instead of “scheduled” — D’OH! 😦  I’ve made it sure it’s scheduled now and if you’re reading this the day it goes up, it SHOULD be Wednesday! Just pretend the following is from awhile ago, hehe.


Nick and I decided to set a date over a year in advance from the proposal to allow our friends and family enough time to plan for traveling and enough time for us to save up for not only the wedding, but the honeymoon – which will be doubling as my graduation celebration trip! The official date is set for January 23rd, 2016 — 1-23-16 should be easy enough to remember, right? 😛

I promised an update on the actual proposal in my last post, but have been swamped between the start of my new semester and work — a busy sort of life that I am grateful for, to be sure!

So, where to begin?

We made a last minute decision to visit Disney using our theme park passes because we thought the fireworks would be fun – we didn’t really put much planning into it other than that I’d wear something sparkly (hello, NYE!!!) and that we’d get Disney Starbucks (which is the same as other Starbucks but these have special Disney cupcakes!). Upon arriving, we were immediately overwhelmed by the crowds – for some reason, this didn’t occur to us more than a casual mention. It took us ages just to get into the park, and once we finally made it, we could barely even move!

The sidewalks were lined with people, employees were shouting at everyone to ‘keep moving’, the entire center of Main Street and beyond leading up to the castle were sectioned off by folks that had great seating and the good sense to arrive hours prior to the celebrations. We lacked the same foresight, and I glared at them with envy as I scuttled along the barricades, pressed against people that I’d never see again. We persevered.

Eventually, we rounded a corner and the crowds seemed to thin out. We ended up with a great view of two different sets of fireworks, with just minutes to spare (we spent somewhere around 1.5 hours just trying to walk about 2 blocks of space due to how crowded it was!). We popped into a little store nearby and I got a Disney hat themed after Ariel and The Little Mermaid – it’s teal, with pearls and sequins and seashells!! BEAUTIFUL! The women in the store let us know that our spot was actually right under the fireworks, and that it was an excellent viewing place – yay!

Mickey Mouse, Donald and Goofy’s voices came over the loud speakers to announce the countdown to midnight shortly after we got back to our standing spots outside. All of Disney World counted down together and the end of our count signaled an impressively gorgeous fireworks display – the Magic Kingdom NYE fireworks are, for lack of a better word, MAGICAL! It was beautiful and I frantically switched between my camera and my phone, taking poorly timed photos of it all to capture the memory.

Nick knows me very well, and is very accommodating. 😀 He let me take all the pictures I wanted and made sure I was done before whisking me off a little bit to the side, where he pulled out a small, black velvet box. It wasn’t an entire shock – I knew about the ring but didn’t know the specific when/where/what of the proposal itself. Of course I said yes, or this post would have a very different tone! 😛 We had all the appropriate kissy-kissy-mush-mush time, etc etc, I’m blushing already!

A moment after the ring landed on my finger, one of the women working in the Disney store walked up to us and admitted that she had seen the whole thing! She handed us each buttons that she had written the date on, and congratulated us on our engagement. Another woman saw the button a few seconds later, and begged us to tell her when it happened – she was SO enthusiastic to find out it had just been seconds before, and she whipped out a camera to take a picture of us and congratulate us on being the “First Disney Engagement of the New Year”! My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. 😀

We left the store and on our way out of the park, stopped at a giant carousel near Cinderella’s Castle, where we rode around with a bunch of children and took selfies, haha. On our way home, I couldn’t stop admiring my new ring – it’s so sparkly! It was a wonderful, perfect night!

Instead of a traditional diamond, I wanted something more “me” – when I saw this ring, I felt like it was perfect in every way and I saved it and salivated over it for about a year, thinking that I may eventually have to settle on something else. This ring dropped in price during a store-wide sale event and, worried that another opportunity may not present itself, Nick & I scooped it up and I stared at it for a few minutes before Nick whisked it away to be hidden until the proposal! It’s so beautiful and even now, over a year after first seeing it and months after first putting it on my finger, I still love it just as much. The stone is a garnet and it’s surrounded by little “chocolate and vanilla” diamonds. The band is “strawberry gold” and all those names make it cute and cupcake-esque, don’t you think? I love everything about it!

We’ve already started planning the wedding, and a handful of my best girl friends have officially agreed to not only attend my wedding, but be in my bridal party! We have our venue half-chosen, decorations semi-planned and catering nearly finalized (I hope), colors and theme. There will be more planning and wedding stuff going on as we get closer to the date. As it is, I am SO grateful to have a year to plan — there’s so much to be done!

And here are more pictures of the night, the ring and my sweetieloo! 🙂 ❤



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IMG_7071[1]IMG_7114 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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  2. Sinead says:

    Hi lovely, first of all, many congratulations for your happy news!! I sent you a tweet recently but not sure if you’ve seen it (I’ve included my email address in this comment if you wanted it), I was just wondering which date you recommend arriving in January so that I don’t miss out on rehearsals and the like. 🙂 Love you lots! xo

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