Life Lately: August

I didn’t mean for there to be such a large gap between posts, but I’ve had some medical issues for the last month that have kept me pretty busy. We’ll go with the short explanation and say that my wisdom teeth aren’t making me feel very wise, and I have an appointment with an oral surgeon this upcoming Monday — an appointment that I am pretty terrified about, might I add, even though it’s just going to be some x-rays and finalized procedure pricing (which is pretty scary on its own, let’s admit!).

August has been a pretty busy month for other reasons as well – just three weeks before the anniversary of my last promotion at work, I was moved up to a permanent employee from the contractor I’ve been for the last two years! I love my job and my coworkers (who are some of the most awesome friends I have, if we’re being honest) and to be recognized for how hard I’ve worked and how much I care about my job has been great. 🙂

And finally, in addition to dental drama and my new job title, I’m starting my Fall semester at school this Monday! I’m only taking two classes this term which will be a nice break from the full time+ schedules I’d been keeping in previous semesters. I’m excited to take Spanish II with the same professor that taught Spanish I to me last Spring — a fellow Doctor Who fan and an excellent language teacher! I’m less enthused about my finance class, but that’s just because I know it’s going to force me to reevaluate my poor spending habits – which is something I’m sure my wallet will appreciate later! 😉

I’ve also started painting, which I may or may not share on here – I’m not good at it but it’s a lot of fun! I made a DIY watercolor paint box and it’s been such a fun medium to work with, even if the finished product isn’t anything like what I envisioned going into it. Oh well – the point is that you’re doing SOMETHING right? Even if it’s not the prettiest! 😀

Hopefully I’ll have more to write soon – I am pretty confident that I’ll still have spare free time left over this semester even between school and work, which isn’t something I’ve always been able to go into a semester saying!

And, as always, pictures:


Simpsons group of my Pez collection!




I discovered that the Nintendo Store has a bunch of games I really like and haven’t played in ages. Be still my heart.


My planner!


I’d watch this every day forever.


Batman game’s Harley Quinn DLC.


My backpack for this semester (THE STRAPS ARE SPRINKLED!)!!!


Notebooks for the semester! School supplies are some of my favorite things to shop for. 😀


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