Hello From the Other Side (Of the Country!)

I have so much to update with, but I want to give each new thing its own post so the many amazing things that have been going on can get the attention they deserve. Before I start a big slew of back logged photo posts however, I did want to at least announce the biggest thing so that in a few posts, my change of locale won’t be that odd (nor will the large amounts of complaining I’m likely to do due to missing theme parks)!


I moved to Northern California!



I’ve lived on the east coast for pretty much my entire life, so this west coast move is a pretty drastic change – but I love it! The weather is so amazing and the friends I already had that live over here have done so much to make me feel welcome in my new surroundings. 🙂


I also crossed a few things off my “bucket list” – I visited another country, ate a hot dog at a baseball game and navigated public transportation in a foreign place successfully (with help!).


Stay tuned for lots of pictures, starting with the second part of my dear Sinéad’s trip to Florida (all the way back in January). I’ll catch up soon!!

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