Soupa Saiyan – Restaurant Review

Before moving from Florida, I made a short list of places I wanted to either revisit before leaving or visit for the first time to experience. Among places like Disney World and my favorite Starbucks were little restaurants that I’d heard about but hadn’t gotten to try. Orlando has a surprising amount of really good food if you search, and lots of special themed places for those of us who are way into our fandoms (hi!).

One of these places was Soupa Saiyan, a Dragon Ball Z themed ramen place that had been getting a lot of attention both locally and nationwide. I’d heard so many good things from people I knew that had visited, and I was really hoping to try it before moving away.

Growing up, my brothers and I would watch a lot of TV and make up funny little games siblings like to play – one of our favorites was “Real Life DBZ” in which I got to be Trunks and yell “Burning attack!” at them while doing weird things with my arms and hands. (Probably not something I should be telling the world about, maybe I’ll edit this part out…)

ANYWAY, the point is that I am a big fan of the series and food in general if I’m being honest, so this experience was high on my Must Do Before Moving list, and placing such a priority on it was a good move because this place is soupa awesome! (I should probably edit that out too… At least I make myself laugh!)




The menu allows for lots of customization options – I got the veggie broth with egg noodles , veggies & tofu  and it was amazing! – and there are lots of sauces and spices to flavor your bowl to your specific tastes.

The decor in the restaurant was great – posters, paintings, toys and figures lined the walls and all available surface space, while happy little flying nimbus clouds lined the ceiling giving off multicolored lights and subbed episodes of the series played on a big TV facing the tables.







Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back all over again! 5/5, would recommend, if you love DBZ and/or noodles, bring a friend and order some macarons to go!

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