Sacramento Pagan Festival (2016)

This (and the next few tbh) post is going to contain lots of stuff from last year, ’cause I never really got around to posting them. Moving across the country and then resettling when nearly everything you own is destroyed in the move takes quite a bit of time, who would have thought? 😛


Since the next Sacramento Pagan Festival is coming up within the next few months, I decided to go back and search for pictures from last year’s! I’m pretty sure going to this was one of the first times I got to hang out with Shawna, who is one of my very best friends and who I worked with for years online before we finally got to hang out! She’s so much fun and we share so many things in common — love of candy, glitter, black clothing, anything cute or spooky, etc! I also attended her wedding (which I’ll be posting about too since I just realized I never did and it was awesome!) – and they have an adorable little boy together that I adore! 😀


“Dangly bits” lol

Shawna and I both got cute little horns! We wear them if we remember to grab them when we hang out sometimes 😀

My first selfies with Shawna! 🙂


Later in the day they also took me on a tour of downtown Old Sacramento, and we visited a lot of really cool places — Evangeline’s, which has tons of costumes and trinkets and random novelty stuff to buy, and also a candy shop that I can’t remember the name of!



I’m hoping to go again this year so maybe I’ll have a follow up post in a couple months (or a year… lol) of more festival things! 🙂


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