January 2017 Vacation

There were so many posts I wanted to write this year but for some reason never got around to it, so one of my main goals for 2018 will be to focus on blogging – I miss writing it and having only a couple posts in a year is bananas! I have a few queued up now, but before the year ends officially, I wanted to share a few photos from my best memories of 2017, which ended up turning into a giant photo dump of pictures from my vacation earlier this year – so I switched directions!

In January, I took a much needed vacation and went down to southern California to visit Los Angeles and San Diego for the first time! My trip included lots of friends, seeing Amelie live,  tourist-y sightseeing, really good food, and a trip to Disneyland! (Spoiler alert: I am from Orlando and am a die-hard Disney World fan and while I enjoyed my trip immensely, if you’ve only ever been to Disneyland, I implore you to try Disney World if ever the opportunity arises because there’s so much more to do and see!)


Amelie live! It was such a good musical and I looooved it. Rich bought these tickets for me as a gift and we had to wait months to finally use them but it was soooo worth it! They even had a little photobooth that we could take free photos at, like in the movie!
I have a longtime friend that works for Blizzard and was super kind enough to offer to give us a tour during my visit to LA!! The Blizzard Headquarters are AMAAAAZING – they have their own library, Starbucks and dog park which obviously hit 100% of my necessities for a location. Thank you to Criss for such an awesome tour!!
The number of people that have commented on how short I am is ridiculous 😦 lol
Selfies obv!

I see things on the internet and MUST. HAVE. THEM. (Creme & Sugar ‘Unicorn Hot Chocolate’ with a rainbow cake slice!)
You have no idea how happy I am here. Or maybe you do? Can you tell? I can tell.
We were invited over to game night at Criss and Dustin’s place, and Laney was there, too! I met so many nice people and tried a bunch of cool games I’d never played — plus pizza!
Halliwell Manor, from Charmed!
My Buffy tattoo of Mr. Pointy with the ‘Once More with Feeling’ quote in front of the entrance to Sunnydale High School. I’m basically on top of the Hellmouth in this photo and it’s a wonder I’m alive, everyone! 😛
Touring LA with LaGina as our guide! We got such a unique experience of the area and got to see all my must-see spots!
A trip to the Santa Monica Pier was basically like playing GTA: V and it was AWESOME!!!

We went out to dinner at a really delicious place with Laney and Emily!
Teacups are 10/10 better in California, I must admit!
The man and the mouse themselves! 😀 This view was pretty familiar and it really made me miss being back home.

Despite how fun the trip was, I was excited to get home to my puppies!


Overall, it was such a good trip and an amazing way to start the new year! Getting to spend so much time with so many great people was awesome and I loved how much I was able to accomplish in a such a short trip. I can’t wait to go back and see even more — or do it all over again! 😀

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