A Trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park

At the end of March I bought my first car, and a few days later immediately took my brand new Ursula on a hunt to find big trees. I’ve wanted to see giant trees forever and did see some large-ish ones the first time I visited California – but I wanted them to be bigger!

My roommate came with me which was nice because the trip I thought would be 45 minutes long turned into 2 hours – apparently I looked it up wrong before going. 😛 The drive was really nice though, and went by pretty quickly.

The park costs a few dollars to visit, but has a free museum in the welcome area – and a cute little gift shop, too! We spent awhile exploring the wildlife displays in the museum before heading out to a trail.

I’m normally a pretty good planner and would even say I’d pride myself on my planning skills, but the drive estimate wasn’t the only mistake made during this trip. When looking for a trail to take, we saw a sign – and I misread it and set us off on a 6 mile uphill (and then downhill, AND THEN BACK UP AND DOWN AGAIN, AHHHHhhhhHHHHhhh!) hike that we were woefully underprepared for.

Despite the lack of preparation (and my stubbornness, which is the reason we didn’t turn back around), the hike went pretty well – it was gorgeous, and we saw so many pretty, huge trees! Mission accomplished. 😀 (I did slip down a few hills – but I remained uninjured! I call that a success.)

It was so much fun, and I definitely want to go back! I’d also love to explore more places around here – having a car finally opens up so many possibilities for exploring! 😀

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