Rainbow Dinnerware and Why You Need It

A few years ago, Facebook did that creepy thing it does where it shows you something in an ad that you’d been talking about out loud (but had never typed into a search bar or chat anywhere). It led me to a set on Amazon of gorgeous rainbow cutlery that came to about $80 – a price way too steep for me, even being as rainbow loving as I am! 😦

I was obviously sad about it, but I quickly moved on and didn’t think about it again until recently when a friend shared a similar set with me much later. It didn’t take long from that point for them to end up in my shopping cart, and then eventually on my doorstep. I excitedly opened the packaged and nearly cried – they were even more beautiful in person!

These are everything I hoped they’d be. Marketed as “Sturdy, Durable, and Stylish”, I can definitely attest to all three of these being descriptors that the makers absolutely nailed. The 20-piece set includes 4 of each: dinner (butter tbh) knives, dinner forks, salad forks, dinner spoons, & teaspoons. Honestly, I don’t know the difference between spoons for dinner or tea – I typically just call them “small spoon” or “big fork”, and those names do the job just fine! 😛

The set is dishwasher safe (tested & passed!), and it honestly just brightens up my kitchen, my meals, and my life a ridiculous amount for something so superficial. At only $25 for this amazing little set, I’d 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to add a little bit of whimsy or magic to their everyday life – whether it’s while stirring your morning cup of coffee, or bringing little swirls of zoodles into your mouth while watching Grey’s Anatomy at night (totally not speaking from experience here, lol).

These are way too pretty to keep in a drawer (in my opinion), so I also decided to store them in this amazing little blue holographic glass that I found for pretty cheap recently (like $3!). The combination makes me very happy and adds a bit of flair to my countertops where there would otherwise be a rainbowless chasm of sadness!

As a last note, no, I am not in any way being sponsored to encourage your purchase. I am actually just really this enthusiastic about my forks and spoons,  and about the super cool rainbow stuff in my life. Is this weird? Possibly. Should you buy them anyway? YES! Please do, and tag me on Instagram once they arrive!! 😀

Buy them here!

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