Happy Birthday To Me! Best Moments of 29 and Goals for the Next Year

Although I’m writing this a few days in advance, by the time anyone is reading this, I’ll have turned 30! I doubt I’ll feel much different although it seems like such a big deal in advance. I’m not sure if this is where I envisioned myself and where I’d be right now if you’d have asked me 10 (or even 5!) years ago, but I can’t say that I’m unhappy with it – in fact, I like where I live, I like the people in my life (or at least, the ones I choose to have around 😛 ), I have an awesome boyfriend, supportive friends, my own car (it’s environmentally friendly! 😛 ), my adorable puppies, and I have a stable job. Those are all things I haven’t had a ton of consistency with in my life, so being able to say all of that is pretty nice!

I’ve also had some really great things happen, and some really memorable moments throughout the year – some personal, and some I’ll share below! Overall, things are going pretty well and I can’t complain – except for the fact that I don’t have an unlimited supply of new books for free, of course. 😉


Best Photos of the Last Year (Sept 1 – Sept 1)



Life Goals

 Continue with my keto diet change. It’s worked out for me so well so far! I’ve been doing it for about 5 months now, and in that time I’ve stopped throwing up blood, I have more energy, I’ve lost weight, and I’m having more fun cooking than ever before. Win/win/win!

✨ READ MORE! I’m working on creating a challenge for myself as a sort of reading guide for 2019, along with my book club’s monthly themes, and I’m excited to share it once I have it all built out.

✨ Keep working on my social media accounts to make more friends and share more pictures of things I love. I have so much fun sharing and talking to other people on the various communities I’m apart of – especially the keto and bookstagram Instagram communities – and I want to keep them updated regularly, and continue working on adding those dang bookstagram props!!

✨ Visit Florida. It’s been over 2 years since I moved and missed flight and nonrefundable plane ticket a year ago is as close as I’ve come to visiting again. I miss my little brothers and I miss Disney World!

✨ Finish school. I only had one more semester before finishing back in Florida, and while some stuff may not transfer for that to still be the case here in California, I want to pick up where I left off and go back! I miss having homework and classes to go to so much!

✨ Go back to Ireland. I visited this month for my birthday, and it was such an amazing trip – Ireland’s beautiful, the books are cheaper than America, and I met my boyfriend’s family (who are some of the nicest people ever). I also got to experience being drunk whilst listening to live music about Irish pride in a pub, so there’s that! 😛 I was really nervous ahead of time, but the trip ended up being great and things weren’t as different from what I’m used to as I thought they’d be! I plan to go back hopefully a few times next year and I’m already excited and planning out the things I want to see & do! I’ll share some photos in new posts soon of my trip. 😍😍😍


Blog Goals

✨ Post on a more consistent basis! To do this, I’ve made a posting schedule for each week that should work out nicely:

Mondays: Book reviews

Wednesdays: New Top 10 posts

Saturdays: New recipe posts

✨ In between the above scheduled posts, I’ll have random stuff like monthly recaps, photos posts, product reviews, and normal life stuff – plus more reviews and recipes, because I don’t do much else besides eat and read. 😛

✨ I want to share things more recently to when they happen – recipes, life events, book reviews, everything! I often end up sharing posts about things that happened so long ago that by the time I get around to it, I’m almost too embarrassed to actually even share it – which defeats the purpose of wanting to blog to begin with!

✨ Finally, in an attempt to keep things more organized, I’ve added some new menu items at the top! Some have dropdowns and link to everything from various types of recipes to reviews to Instagram accounts and even my Pinterest! I even updated my ‘About Me’ slightly. 😀 Feel free to poke around a bit and add / follow me anywhere else.

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