Introducing: The Let’s Get Galactic Art Shop on Etsy!

I know, I know. I said I’d keep to a blogging schedule and have failed, once again. It’s not that I’m not well meaning! I am! I mean well, I swear it!

I’m just awfully busy, especially for the last month or two. I picked up a second job in addition to working my normal 40+ hour a week one, and I’ve also started volunteering a couple days a week working with a few after school kid’s programs at my local library (but more on that in its own post later!). These things have kept me totally swamped – but if all that wasn’t enough for me, I decided to open up commissions and my very own Etsy shop on top of it all!

I had a lot of help getting it set up, from the printer, to learning to work it, to recently printing my art onto t-shirts (those may be in the shop eventually – right now they’re mostly for me because HOW COOL?! lol).

I’ve already made over 30 sales, which I am SUPER excited about! I love packing up and shipping out my orders – I even got surprised with a sample pack stickers from the above photo so I can add a little branding flair to my orders!

So far I’ve only uploaded a few different things to see how they do, but the response has been overwhelmingly supportive and I’m excited to restock, and add even more in the new year! Here’s some of what I have so far:



I even started my own little line of bookmarks!! The ones above are called Monstermarks, and they’re double sided with my watercolor & acrylic art! I have other ones based on other paintings called “Artmarks”. 😀


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