Musical Shuffle Book Tag

(Image credit to Becca!)

My amazing friend Becca created this fun little book tag, and I’ve been excited to get to it since I was first notified of it! Becca and I haven’t known each other super long, but she’s been SO supportive and is one of the most awesome book bloggers I follow, so make sure to check her blog out, too!

From Becca:

In this tag, we put the tunes on shuffle & with each song we list a character, a ship, a book — whatever book-related that the song reminds us of. Consider it their song. Let’s do it for 5-10 songs (y’all can be extra if you want. I love people who are extra) & then TAG 5-10 OF YOUR FELLOW BLOGGERS. 

Also, note: you owe us 0 explanation as to why you chose what you chose. It’s your post, your thoughts, your life. Maybe only a certain section of the song gave you the feels, that’s 100% okay! But, feel free to explain if you want to!

1) Drive Desperate by Cold War Kids

I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

(Click to listen on Spotify!)

In parking lots you learned
Boredom made you small
Asphalt and the oil
Conversations dull
Memories pull you down
Engine presses toward
The dark the future holds
Will bring some bright morning

2) A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White by Underoath

YOU by Caroline Kepnes

(Click to listen on Spotify!)

Can you feel your heartbeat racing?
Can you taste the fear in her sweat?
You’ve done this wrong
It’s too far gone
These sheets tell of regret
I admit that I’m just a fool for you
I am just a fool for you

3) So Says I by The Shins

The Long Walk by Stephen King

(Click to listen on Spotify!)

In our darkest hours
We have all asked for some
Angel to come
Sprinkle his dust all around
But all our crying voices, they can’t turn it around
You’ve had some crazy conversations of your own

We got rules and maps
And guns in our backs
But we still can’t just behave ourselves
Even if to save our own lives
So, says I; We are a brutal kind, whoa

4) Lowlife by Poppy

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

(Click to listen on Spotify!)

Baby, you’re the highlight of my lowlife
Take a shitty day and make it alright, yeah, alright
Oh, in every circumstance
Yeah, you make the difference
Baby, you’re the highlight of my lowlife, lowlife

5) Walk Through the Fire by the cast of Buffy

All Buffy Books Ever by Everyone Who Writes Buffy Books

(Click to listen on Spotify!)

These endless days are finally ending in a blaze

And we are caught in the fire
At the point of no return
So we will walk through the fire
And let it burn

(I skipped 4 different Buffy songs that came on shuffle before deciding that there IS a place for Buffy on this list, lol)

I’ve realized that my music doesn’t match my book tastes at all, or it does and I’m just terrible at associating the two! Either way, I had a lot of fun with this, although it was way more challenging than I expected initially!!

The only bloggers I really know enough to tag are the two who have done this so far, but if you see this and it sounds like something you’d want to do, please take part!

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