Harry Potter Books 1 – 7 Readalong (+ Prizes!)

I’m so excited to announce that I’m hosting a readalong of the entire Harry Potter series from January 1st until July 31st – Harry’s birthday, of course!

We’ll be reading 1 book per month, and I’m extremely excited for this because I haven’t reread the series to completion inΒ at least 7 years! Some of my friends who are participating have said they’ve never read the books at all, so this will be their first time visiting Hogwarts with Harry and his friends! πŸ˜€

Each month, I’ll be sharing a Discussion Post with questions for everyone to answer that’s participating – and of those who are participating, I’ll randomly draw a winner (or two!) every month for a monthly HP themed giveaway. The giveaway is going to include random Harry Potter memorabilia and artwork made by me specifically for the readalong! Bookmarks, prints, originals – a little bit of everything, and all you have to do is join in on the conversation and read something magical. πŸ˜‰


You can participate in as many of the months as you want! I’ll post a checkpoint each month to aim for as a whole, but mostly, everyone is completely free to read along at their own pace.

If you’re joining, make sure you use the #youreawizardreadalong hashtag to gain participation points and have a chance at the giveaways each month!!

3 Responses to “Harry Potter Books 1 – 7 Readalong (+ Prizes!)”
  1. The more I see you post about this, the more hyped I am and the more certain I feel that I HAVE to join, because it’s been years and years since I’ve read the full series, too! Plus a chance to win some of your art, yes please! β™₯

    • I really hope you can!! Even if you only remember the stories and participate in the discussions/share a photo or two, you’ll have the opportunity to win! I wanted to make it as inclusive for busy folks as possible!! ❀

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