2018: A Recap of the Year

I can’t believe this year is already almost over! For the last couple of years, I’ve felt like they’ve sort of dragged on in a “oh my god when will this end” sort of way, but 2018 wasn’t all that bad. In fact, I accomplished a lot, and pushed myself to even do things I was too nervous or scared to!

My birthday was in September and right around then, I posted a recap of the last year – so I won’t go too much into detail for the stuff in 2018 prior to that other than a few links, because it’s already been done, so my photos below will just be from September to December! Click here to read that post though!

I didn’t post quite as consistently in early 2018 as I have for the end (and I’m still not as consistent as I’d eventually like to be in 2019…), but that’s okay!


  • I bought my first car! I’m the happy owner of a sweet little glittery black Prius called Ursula. 🐙
  • I met a bunch of new friends! I’ve had lots of online friends from various amazing social communities over the years and from work, and this year I was able to meet a huge amount of people in person that I hadn’t before. 😎
  • I explored my new state of California! From my first time hiking to acting like a tourist in San Francisco on vacation, I saw a lot more of northern California than I ever have before, and loved all of it. 🌴
  • I read over 100 books! I set 100 as my goal, and am super pleased to say that I exceeded that a bit – I read 115! 📚
  • I tried new painting styles, techniques, and mediums! I’d never really used acrylics before this year, but I decided I wanted to try something else in addition to my normal watercolors, and went with it! It’s been so much fun and I’ve made so many pretty rainbow messes. 🌈
  • I also exceeded my goal of total # of new paintings! I know a lot of people probably wouldn’t be able to do creative stuff with a deadline or number in mind, but I like having the extra push. I set a goal to paint at least 25 new things this year, and passed that by so many that I lost count! 🎨
  • I visited 2 new countries! I spent a few weeks before my birthday in England and Ireland, and absolutely loved it. It’s so beautiful there, and everything is way cheaper than it is in America – including NEW BOOKS!!! I had so much fun with Shane touring around loads of places, from Dublin to Liverpool, London to Derry, (but I’ve been warned never to put those two together and you won’t see me slip up!) and lots of pretty places in between. I can’t wait to share my vacation photos from those weeks because it was amazing! 🇬🇧
  • I started a bookstagram account! I’ve already made so many new bookloving friends in the community, and have also begun making connections with some amazing indie authors, businesses, and publishers! 📖
  • I’ve grown professionally! I’ve acquired new skills and learned so many new things this year at the job I’ve had for the last 6, and I even picked up a second job to help expand my creative resume a bit by working as an instructor at a shop that lets people create amazing wooden paint projects while getting a little tipsy! 🍾
  • I started a few volunteering programs at my local library! I’m working with kids 2 – 3 days a week as a Homework Zone coach, a StoryMakers creative assistant, and a Science Lab helper! It’s so much fun seeing the kids learn, and I love encouraging their love of books & the library so much. 👶
  • I discovered what was making me sick! I spent years throwing up and having really horrible stomach pain, and figured out this year that I’m likely allergic to gluten. By cutting it out completely when I started my keto lifestyle change, my symptoms lessened significantly after my body adjusted, and only seem to flare up when I eat things that have gluten in them – or when I’m extremely stressed! This has been great, because I’m now able to go days and days without being sick! And I’ve switched from a keto diet to a mostly gluten-free one (although I try to stay as low carb as possible, just because it makes me feel better physically!) 💪





3 thoughts on “2018: A Recap of the Year

  1. Oh what a busy year!

    Glad to hear you figured out your stomach pain and now you are feeling better! I had a similar issue a few years ago and i ended up with the similar thing as you. For me it was wheat in general, not gluten, but i did go gluten free for a while because it was easier to just buy GF food.

    Aaand 115 books! ❤
    Love your pictures 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Norrie!! How did you know it was wheat specifically instead of gluten? I haven’t been able to afford doctors so everything I’m figuring out is by trial and error and I’m always wondering if it could be narrowed down more! Is there something I could eat to test? So glad you’re feeling better! ❤

      And yesss, 115 was quite a lot for me, but I’m even aiming for 200 now in 2019, haha! Wish me luck!

      1. It took me a while to figure out, and i saw my doctor a few times, and basically a bit of trial and error too.
        For example i was able to drink beer without any problem, and i could eat other stuff that has gluten but not wheat and not have the same symptoms.
        After staying away from gluten/wheat stuff for almost 3 years, i can now eat a small amount without having issues.
        But again, i changed my whole lifestyle/food so much, so not 100% sure what really helped, but my doctor thought it was the wheat.

        I’m also lactose intolerant, so i don’t really eat dairy products other than some yogurt every now and then and few types of cheeses, but not very often.

        Good luck! ❤

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