Readalong Announcement: We Live Inside Your Eyes by Kealan Patrick Burke

I have a super exciting announcement today! I’m going to be co-hosting a readalong of one of #bookstagram’s favorite horror authors newest short story collections – We Live Inside Your Eyes by Kealan Patrick Burke!

It’s no secret that many of us familiar with bookstagram have been able to use the platform to add to our own personal libraries as well as share what we love to read, and Kealan was one of the first authors I discovered when joining last year. He’s been consistently supportive & friendly on Instagram and Twitter, and his writing is superb – seriously, if you haven’t read Sour Candy or one of his holiday collections, what are you waiting for? Everything he writes is so creepy and good!

When I heard he was coming out with a new book, I knew I had to get it right away – the fear of missing out is real, y’all! It’s even prettier in person, so definitely grab a copy if you can. (You can also buy an ebook of it!)

Jess and I have been planning to host a readalong of one of Kealan’s other books, KIN, but since this one just came out, we were itching to read it – so we’re doing this first! What’s better than a single KPB readalong? TWO! 😉

So I hope you’ll join us if you can – the readalong schedule is detailed below, and you still have time to grab a copy of the book if you want to read with us!

Get a copy of the book here!

#WeLiveInsideYourEyesReadalong Information & Schedule

Book Length: 220 pages

Total Readalong Length: 2 weeks

Start: May 25th

Halfway Check-In & Discussion: June 1st (Pg. 104)

Finish: June 8th

Participation: Just use the #WeLiveInsideYourEyesReadalong hashtag if you share any photos of the book, and jump into the discussions on our pages/stories during the readalong weeks! Jess & I will be sharing posts to our stories that have used the hashtag throughout the readalong.

I hope to see you all there!!

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