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I’m a Night Worms Reviewer!

I’m super excited for this announcement, and like I mentioned in last week’s wrap-up, if you follow me on social media, you’ve already heard – but here are the full details! 😀

I’m joining the Night Worms as a book reviewer!

If you’ve not already familiar, the Night Worms originally started as a group of really cool folks who read, reviewed, & promoted horror fiction. Eventually, the 2 founding members turned the venture into an official business – the Night Worms Book Club Box! This monthly box is curated specifically with the promotion & enjoyment of horror in mind – from working with indie authors & publishers, to supporting indie artists, Sadie & Ashley have been making huge leaps to spread their love of horror to the book-loving masses!

I was lucky enough to become friends with the whole Night Worms group through bookstagram, and I’ve been endlessly impressed by all of them – their passion for horror is evident, and they’re some of the most supportive people I know! I value their book reviews & opinions so much, and a lot of my recent book purchases end up being recommendations from them thanks to those reviews, or their beautiful bookstagram photos.

Fast forward to recently, when Sadie reached out to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing for the Night Worms official blog, along with their existing team plus a few new additional members. WOULD I?! I’ve only been dreaming of becoming a Night Worm for ages, no big deal! (My fangirling happened, my roommate can attest to it, lol). Of course I said yes!

I’m extremely honored to be a new part of the team, and absolutely adore everyone else that I’ll be working on the blog with. A majority of my future horror book reviews (and possibly some lists, we’ll see!) will be posted over there, so be sure to follow the Night Worms on social media! As I mentioned, there’s a whole team of us, and we’re all great at different things / have different tastes in horror, so you won’t want to miss any of it! 😀

The biggest thank you to Sadie & Ashley for the opportunity, and for bringing me on to share my love of horror & book reviewing with the masses. I can’t wait to get started!

Night Worms Blog: Reviews and more!

Night Worms Twitter: @Night_Worms

Night Worms Instagram: @Night_Worms


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