Throwback: San Francisco Trip ’18

Alright, so I know the whole “Throwback Thursday” is meant to be a hashtag on, like, Instagram or something – but I don’t have a Thursday 10 post because I forgot to write one ( lol ), and I want to have a reason to share some posts I never got around to ages ago, anyway.

These are from a trip I took about a year ago to Half Moon Bay, CA & San Francisco, CA with one of my friends. It was an amazing trip – the aquarium there is small but nice, seeing stuff from TV is always fun, and arcades are great, but I’m a terrible bowler.

This was the last time I even visited SF, since traffic is kind of terrible and I don’t really like driving there. Still, every time I visit, I’m left with lots of good pictures and happy memories – so that beats the awful roads, right? šŸ˜›

If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend:

  • AlcatrazĀ – I’ve been twice and it’s SO COOL!! They have gift shops too, so bring money for souvenirs!
  • The Painted Ladies – The Full House houses are a must-see for me, every time
  • Lombard StreetĀ – If you have a car, this is pretty fun/iconic to drive down (bitch of a time getting pictures, though – it’s so twisty!)
  • The Golden Gate Bridge & Robin Williams TunnelĀ – The RW tunnel has rainbows! And the bridge is huge and pretty, with great spots to take pictures in front of it (weather permitting – it gets foggy!)

All those are basically free (I think the bridge has a toll maybe, but I don’t remember how much it was or how it works, lol). If you’ve been, feel free to suggest more places! I’m not the best tour guide. šŸ˜›



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