Throwback: Visiting Disneyland ’17

It’s been about 2 years since I last visited a Disney theme park, which is bananas considering I’m from Florida and used to have an annual pass to Disney World. I’d visit every weekend, and the huge gap in trips has left me feeling deprived and saddened (so, naturally, I’m going to blog about it!).

Nevertheless, my love and adoration both remain intact, even if I can barely remember what the music on Main Street sounds like, or how pretty the castle is at night when they light it up, or…

So, I’ll probably be planning another trip soon, maybe in the fall? I need some more magic in my life, I think. But here are some pictures from a couple of years ago, on my first time visiting Disneyland in California with my roommate! It was super fun, although I think it may have rained a little that day. That just means all the tourists leave and I get the place to myself! 😀

Have you been to either of the Disney parks? World is bigger, but Land has its charm! I love both, and my favorite right is the Haunted Mansion one. What’s yours?! Or do you have another theme park fav? (I’m pretty into the HP park, too, but… DISNEY!)


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