Throwback: LA Tourism ’17

This is the last part of my 2017 Throwback series that included my trips to Disneyland, Blizzard Entertainment HQ, and the Santa Monica Pier! I had such a great trip and am happy to finally be sharing photos from all the different parts. I’m hoping to be able to go back later this year – maybe when it’s not hot enough to literally roast me alive every time I step outside my front door? 🙂

My friend LaGina played tour guide for most of the time we spent exploring Los Angeles, and I’m very grateful because she knew where so many things were – and also, I’m terrified of city traffic, and she drove us around. BLESS! 💖

I only had a few main points of interest, ’cause I am very into television. I wanted to see the school used for Sunnydale High School in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the house from American Horror Story: Murder House (which also appears in BtVS, and a bunch of other shows I love!), and I wanted to see the house from Charmed. I’m an obsessive fangirl, what can I say? I like what I like!

We stayed in a cool seedy hotel called the Rainbow Motel, which I loved. We also got to eat at world famous Pink’s Hot Dogs, AND also the Instagram famous Creme & Sugar – home of the cool unicorn hot chocolate & rainbow cakes! The line was a little long, but everything was cute & tasted great!

Rich took me to see a live production of Amelie! It was beautiful, SO GOOD!!

buffy tattoo and sunnydale high school

(My Buffy tattoo in front of the school, duh!)

sunnydale high school - buffy the vampire slayer

Looking at all these makes me want to go back so bad! Have you ever been? Are there any TV or movie sights you’ve seen or want to see in real life? 😍

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