Weekly Wrap-Up: July 14, 2019

This a week of sleep! I’ve slept so much. I have iron deficiency anemia, so I’m kind of always cold and always, always tired. I also bruise really easily, which is totally awesome in combination with my clumsiness (I’m being sarcastic, in case the text wasn’t conveying that properly), because it means parts of my body look like they’ve been part of a fight club for the last few weekends. What can you do? 🤷 (Take iron supplements probably, but whatever.) Anyway, the sleep has been good for me!

Other than sleeping, I’ve worked more than usual between all my jobs. We’re getting into the slightly busier season at my art instructor/bartender job, and the shifts there have been a lot of fun – helping people make stuff that they love & will hang up in their homes is such a cool experience! My boss from one of my other jobs has travel stuff coming up for most of this month, so we had to prep a lot of “here’s what to do while I’m gone” so I could keep busy – which, in itself, was lots of being busy, too! I really like what I do there though – having jobs you like is such a huge difference from having a job you hate! Even when I’m working a lot, it doesn’t feel as bad as even my slowest week at my last job of 6 years. I’m very grateful! 🙏

I also finally finished a couple of books! I decided to lower my Goodreads goal from 200 to 150 since I didn’t have 4 jobs originally when I set the goal, and this feels a lot more doable for me. In 2018, I read just over 100, so a 50ish book increase is a good aim, I think!


Blog Posts from the Week:

🌈 New haircuts are the best!

🌈 Tuesday Tag: The Productivity Book Tag

🌈 Book Review: We Live Inside Your Eyes by Kealan Patrick Burke

🌈 Throwback: LA Tourism ’17

🌈 Night Worms Book Review: The Switch House by Tim Meyer

🌈 Thursday 10: My Favorite Movies from the 90s

🌈 Just the Tips: Starting Your Own Bookstagram

🌈 Artist Feature: The Life Aquatic with Bruce Mozert


What’s Coming Next Week:

🌈 Throwback: Visiting Giant’s Causeway ’18

🌈 Tuesday Tag: Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters

🌈 Book Review: The Forgotten Island by David Sodergren

🌈 Thursday 10: Sequels I Liked More Than the Original

🌈 Book Review: Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch

🌈 Artist Feature: Lindsay Bottos


What I Read:

🌈 Fantasticland by Mike Bockoven (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – reread)

🌈 Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)


What I’m Reading Now:

🌈 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling (Audiobook – So close to finishing! I’ll be reading the last 2 in the series instead of listening, so I can get through them faster. My #youreawizardreadalong lasted 7 months, and ends this month!)

🌈 Something in the Water by Eddie Generous (I take my time with short story collections, but it’s been hard with this one, ’cause I just want to blow straight through it! I love everything I’ve read in it so far.)

🌈 The Invited by Jennifer McMahon (Buddy read with a friend on Instagram, but I’m a little behind ’cause of work! Almost finished though! I’ve read a bunch of Jennifer McMahon’s other books, and have loved them all!)


What I Watched:

🌈 Veronica Mars (Hulu) – I watched less this week ’cause I opted to play more video games! #choices

🌈 Bob’s Burgers (Hulu) – Still one of my favorite cartoons of all time. I can’t tell if I’m more Linda or more Louise, but I just love them all so much. Probably my favorite cartoon TV family ever.


What I Played

🌈 Dead By Daylight (Steam) – This game infuriates me but I can’t stop playing it.

🌈 Stardew Valley (Steam) – I really love this so much, always.


What I Listened To

🌈 Ghost” by Awkwafina

🌈You’re Such A” by Hailee Steinfeld

🌈 Stay by Zedd, ft. Alessia Cara

🌈 In And Out” by Beth Ditto

🌈 Closer To You by Clairo

🌈 Minimal by ROLE MODEL


Photos from the Week:


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