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Throwback: Visiting Giant’s Causeway ’18

As mentioned in a previous post, last year I took a trip to the UK. I went for a bunch of reasons – my friend Hannah was getting married to her boyfriend/fiance of several years, Ras. I love them both, and was so happy to have been invited – I knew I had to make it! Plus, I had lots of friends living over there that I couldn’t easily meet, so I decided to make a big trip of it.

It was AMAZING! England and Ireland are both amazing – I will say Ireland’s loads more gorgeous, but that’s probably because I only saw heavily populated parts of England. I did enjoy Liverpool and London a lot, even the crowded streets and shops!

It was really weird seeing how similar, and how different, everything is. Even down to the way they eat/make bacon!! (It was good, and I did eat [AND ENJOY, lol] funny sauce-y beans with breakfast!)

I got to see a lot of really beautiful sights, but one of the most fun to visit for me was the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. I went with one of my friends, who I spent the whole trip with and accompanied me to the wedding and acted as tour guide.

Overall, the trip was awesome – and learning about Giant’s Causeway was so cool! I’ll link a website here so you can read the legend and stuff behind it if you want – I don’t want to risk butchering it myself, lmao. The gift shop and everything was really amazing, too! Even though it was raining a bit while there (does it ever stop raining in Ireland??? I remain unconvinced, lol), it didn’t spoil everything – I did almost slip & roll down a hill though, but I may have also done that if it were dry, so eh!

Onto the pictures!



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