Throwback: UK Tourism ’18

Onward with my photo-sharing series of my vacation last September to the UK! I wrote about visiting Giant’s Causeway in this post, and I’m really excited to finally share a lot of the rest of the pictures from my trip now!

My trip included a bunch of different cities across both Ireland and England, and it was amazing to see so many places and sights that I’d seen in photos and on TV over the years. I also made a point to visit people that I’d known online but hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before now due to being in different countries, which was SO incredible!!  I’ll post the pictures and any applicable details below; I hope I can go back someday, because it was such a fun experience!

The Dark Hedges from the Game of Thrones show!

Hi, I am awkward and don’t know how to pose ever.

My wonderful friend Hannah got married to her amazing soul mate, Ras! I also met my friends Mia & Marta while at the wedding, and it was so amazing seeing such beautiful faces off the screen and in person for the first time! Although Hannah & Ras have visited me before in California, seeing Mia & Marta was brand-new! The entire wedding was beautiful!

Obviously, I found books. I went home with over 35 new additions to my personal library – I had to use an entire suitcase just for books!

I LOVE THIS BOOKSTORE VERY MUCH AND WISH THAT WE HAD THEM HERE! Did you know that books in the UK cost significantly less than books here?! Our bookstores in the US are sooo expensive, but the ones everywhere I went in the UK were super affordable, and had paperback versions of books that were only available in the US by hardcover! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy a bunch of them, so that’s where a majority of my souvenir money went during the trip!

I’m obsessed with the Titanic, and I visited the place where the actual ship was built! They had this cool interactive sort of tour, and I loved learning about everything. One entire room had floor to ceiling monitors that showed you starting under the ship, and raising up floor-by-floor with a 360 degree view of everything as it would’ve looked on the actual ship. So cool, and kind of creepy – my perfect combination!

I also visited King’s Cross because I’m a Harry Potter fangirl, and I got to stand and take pictures at the Platform 9 and 3/4 area (plus buy some souvenirs from the thrift shop – you guessed it, I bought books!)

Another one of my amazing friends!!! I got to meet Hannah, a girl I’ve been penpals and online friends with for over a decade! I love her so much, and meeting her in person was UNREAL! She’s so positive and sweet, and I had such a good time spending the day with her, hanging out in shops, buying cute trinkets, and taking lots of selfies together! She’s such a pure person and I’m so happy to be friends with her. ❤

There are lots more pictures, but my phone seems to have reorganized everything in a transfer and these are the few I was able to find without spending hours pouring over different folders of stuff. While there, I got so take a ferry, meet another amazing friend (hi, Louise, I love you!), eat strange new things, and so much more. It was definitely an experience to remember, and if I go back, I know to bring a bigger extra suitcase! 😛

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