Tuesday Tag: The Top 10 Video Game Characters

This is a little different of a tag from the normal ones I do, because this one evolved from a Top 10 list! My lovely friend Destiny @ Howling Libraries turned her Top 10 into a tag, and I couldn’t be more glad she did; if she hadn’t, I probably would’ve taken the idea anyway, ’cause it’s so good! I love that some of my best bookish friends are also into the other stuff I like, whether it’s art or video games or embroidery. I have so many hobbies I love, and sharing them with people is amazing! Thank you for this fun tag/list, Destiny!

So, for this list, I tried to pull from my entire history of gaming, which started when I was maybe… 3? 4? I didn’t just pick characters of games I loved, I picked the characters I loved regardless of how I felt about the game. I’ll have an upcoming “10 Video Games I Wish I Could Play Again For the First Time” soon, so that one will house more “OMG I LOVE THIS WHOLE GAME” type things.

And don’t @ me if I forget your fav, or if I like someone you don’t, haha. But feel free to tell me your faves in the comments or on social media! If you want to make your own list, consider yourself tagged. 😛 😀

The Top 10 Video Game Characters Tag

1) Luigi Mario – Luigi’s Mansion

I’ve always loved Luigi, and although I had two little brothers (and, as the older sibling, was always Player 1), I’d willingly choose to be Player 2 for games with Luigi. My favorite color was green as a kid, and he just seemed so much sweeter than Mario! When Luigi’s Mansion came out, I was super excited to finally have a whole game with him – plus, hello, GHOSTS! The story for Luigi’s Mansion involves him having to be brave enough (despite his obvious scaredy-cat nature) to help save his brother from King Boo, who has Mario trapped inside a painting. Luigi uses this rad vacuum cleaner to suck up ghosties, and it’s super fun! Plus, hello, Luigi spotlight!! He’s the best, lil brave dude.

2) Rayne – BloodRayne

I was too gothy for my own good when I was a teenager, and BloodRayne was one of my FAVORITE video games. Rayne’s a half human/half vampire badass that kills Nazis and looks hot as heck in leather – what more could I want? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I need someone to make an updated version of this game, please.

3) Claire Redfield – Resident Evil 2

I had kind of a hard time trying to decide which character I wanted to use from Resident Evil, since I also really like Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers. I decided to go with Claire because RE2 was the first of the franchise that I played, and she’s so feisty and brave at such a young age. I’m also realizing a lot of my favorite characters are apparently trying to save their brothers from something? Lol.

4) Agent 47 – Hitman

The Hitman games are some of my favorites, even though I am absolutely terrible at them because I am awful at being stealthy. Still, it’s fun to see how many different ways you can kill someone — or, uh, is that just me? They’re bad people, at least! Right? Right. Agent 47 has a whole backstory I won’t spoil for you here, but it is good, and he is a pretty cool character. And the games are FUN, especially if you like being able to do the same thing in a billion different ways. Sometimes I just do the same one over and over again, trying to see how many different ways I can assassinate the target. Is that weird? Don’t tell me if that’s weird.

5) Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

I’ve played almost all of the Tomb Raider games, and seen all the movies, and am a total fangirl. She’s such a tough character, and survives some shit. I love how resourceful and courageous she’s constantly portrayed as, even with cone boobs. She’s wonderful, and if you haven’t played the newer of the Tomb Raider games, you should! Everything from the archery to the actual tomb raiding is super fun, and the games are beautiful!

6) Jeanette Voerman – Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Jeanette is on the cover of the game, remember that whole “too gothy for my own good” thing? A game where I can be a vampire – A NONSENSICAL, ARTSY, BANANAS VAMPIRE, honestly I could just pick Malkavians as a whole for my “favorite character” – was almost too much for my little black heart to handle. I won’t spoil this character’s… plot points, but it’s one of my favorite, and probably part of why I love her so much.

7) Skull Kid – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

There are a bunch of Skull Kids in the Zelda series, so I guess this isn’t a single character, but I’m focusing on the main antagonist from Majora’s Mask. In the actual game lore, there’s some back and forth about who the kids actually are, but I like the explanation that they’re lost little Kokiri children. It lines up with the Kokiri people as a whole for the games, what with the Skull Kids seeming like almost part of the forest and childlike, and it was super sad to me that this lost little kid was causing so much trouble with the moon. Obviously, the kid isn’t really evil, and it’s the mask he stole that’s making him do bad stuff – but, I mean, he did steal the mask. I think this is where my favorite start getting a bit… villain-y. I can’t help it, I like what I like.

8) GLaDOS – Portal

I’m counting GLaDOS as a character, even though she’s technically I guess an OS just meant to oversee some testing business in the Aperture Science labs. But she’s the sassiest computer I’ve ever encountered, so she gets a spot on this list, and I love her very much even though she’s the ‘bad guy’. Her manipulative mind games and sarcastic wit kept me entertained when I got too confused BY SCIENCE to jump into one portal and out another in the appropriate fashion, and was always there to give me much-needed words of… I guess we’ll go with encouragement? Yeah, that.

9) Moira – Overwatch

Moira’s my favorite character to play in Overwatch because I am not great at aiming, but I am usually somehow pretty okay at aiming balls into really tight areas to either save or suck the life from the people trapped inside rooms with it! Her voice lines are so sassy and borderline rude, which I obviously love, and her science-y mumbo jumbo is also pretty rad. Her Bowie-esque Glam skin is one of my favorite’s in the whole game, and I just really love her whole character design.

10) Bella Goth – The Sims

What people who don’t really play the Sims franchise don’t get is that there are whole characters that have entire storylines that continue through multiple games in the series. Most of the earlier games had actual stories you could play out, and you could get to know the characters and their lives. The game came loaded with them, with their memories and histories with other in-game Sims, and some of the games actually had hidden easter eggs you could only get with cheat codes to play certain people – like Bella herself! She’s one of the most iconic of all the Sims characters – songs in-game are named after her, she’s in a bunch of the spin-off games in addition to some main ones, and the rest of her family appears in many of the games as well. She’s a smart, talented, popular fashionista – and super into creepy occult stuff. I just love her so much!

So that’s my ten! I won’t specifically tag people just ’cause I know most of my blog friends are book bloggers, and I’m not sure how many of them – if any – also play video games. But if you do, and want to do this, please do! I’d love reading about your choices! 😀

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tag: The Top 10 Video Game Characters

  1. OMG. 1) This list is amazing. Thank you for doing it! 2) I can’t wait to see your list of games you wish you could play again for the first time!!! 3) GLaDOS, yes, please. The Portal games confuse me terribly but she’s amazing haha. 4) BELLA GOTH?! I swear to you, I was THIS DAMN CLOSE to putting her in my list, but I didn’t know how many people would appreciate it! 😂😂😂

  2. Ahes is probably my fave Overwatch character at the moment. But I have a HUGE soft spot for Mei (and Snowball) and also Widow. I’m terrible at playing all of them, but agree that Moira is definitely one of the easier ones!! And GlaDOS!!! OMG!!! I wanted to pull her plug so many times!!! 😂

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