Tag Tuesday: The Bookish Adventure Tag

My wonderful friend Kal tagged me in this awesome Bookish Adventure Tag, and I’ve been really looking forward to it!


Imagine that you are an intrepid literary adventurer- braving the harsh bookish wilderness, traversing jungles of pages and slashing through vines of words. Where in the vast world of books would you go?

  • Write about one place mentioned in a book you wish you could visit and why.
  • List 3-5 things that you would do there.
  • Mention which souvenirs, if any, you would bring back with you.
  • Then tag some more literary explorers and please link back to the creator (Umairah @ Sereadipity) so they can see all of your adventures!

My Dream Bookish Destination

Okay, so I was super torn on this one initially. I love so many bookish places, how could I even choose just one for a post? I could go with the Wizarding World and Hogwarts, obviously – I’ve loved Harry Potter for more of my life than I haven’t, so it’d naturally be contender for the subject of the tag. But then I also really love Wonderland, and also the Wonka Factory, and also… Okay, the point is, it’s hard to choose.

So why should I have to? 😀

My choice for a dream bookish destination would be the OASIS from Ready Player One. In RP1, the OASIS is an MMOSG (massively multiplayer online simulation game) that allows you to completely immerse yourself in literally anything you want. The entire book goes through so many fandoms that if you’re into nerdy stuff and also into being hit over the head with references every other sentence, you’ll be in heaven!


Things I Would Do

In the OASIS, I could have an entire Wizarding World planet, and then hop in my little spaceship to fly over and smoke with the Wonderland caterpillar, and then over to my Wonka Factory world, and so on and so forth. And who wouldn’t want that? Yeah, exactly!

I’d also obviously also take advantage of the fact that I can do anything I want, and I’d have a giant robot that I could blow things up with. I am a simple girl. I like explosions.



I’d have to have a full body suit for the full OASIS experience, obviously. I can’t think of anything else, really – everything I’d need is in the game! I would probably have a “home base” in it, and that’s where I’d store all my cool nerd stuff. Wands and rings and tea party knick knacks… AND THE BEAUTY & THE BEAST LIBRARY! Ahhh. So many things. Can we just invent a real life OASIS yet, please?



(I don’t know who already did this one, so just ignore it if you have!)

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