Thursday 10: Books I Loved As a Kid

I recently created a Patreon account so that people can support my artwork & blog if they’d like to, and as one of the Patron perks for those who subscribe, I’ll be making weekly polls on blog subjects – like which Thursday 10 list to do! This week’s Books I Loved As a Kid was chosen by my patrons, so thank you to them!!

I’ve always loved reading – I taught myself how to read when I was 3 by using newspapers and signs for places we lived near. Nobody else in my family really read books, and there wasn’t a person I knew of that I looked up to, so I have no idea what made me start, but I’m forever grateful ’cause books are my favorite!

10 Books I Loved As A Kid

1) The Rainbow Fish

2) The Harry Potter Series

3) The Giving Tree

4) The Secret Garden

5) Where the Wild Things Are

6) Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

7) The Goosebumps Books

8) Matilda

9) Stellaluna

10) Goodnight Moon

What are some of yours? 😀

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