Spotify Saturdays: My Favorite McCafferty Songs

I’m going to see one of my most favorite bands live tonight, so what better time for a NEW FEATURE ON MY BLOG?! I’m not sure if I’ll be posting one of these every Saturday or every other, but I’m really excited to share some musical recommendations with you all! For each of these, I’ll add the corresponding songs to this big Spotify Saturdays blog playlist I made – and I’ll also link them below! Feel free to follow the playlist if you want. 🙂

We’re starting with McCafferty ’cause recently, they’re primarily all I listen to. They’re a 4-person band that originally started back in 2011, with Nicholas Hartkop as the founding member. Currently, it’s comprised of Nick w/ vocals & guitar, his wife & bassist Emily, guitarist Evan, and their drummer, Wes. I won’t pretend to know anything about these people beyond what the internet tells me, and the fact that I follow them on social media, but they all seem lovely. 😛 Nick and Emily in particular are really kind of ridiculously cute – you can tell how happy they are together and it’s such a sweet thing to stop on when mindlessly scrolling through social media.

I’ve only been listening to McCafferty this year, so I’m like 8 years late to the party, but forgive me ’cause I’m a big fangirl now. They’re currently on their very first West coast tour, and I’m SUPER EXCITED to be seeing them later! I’m driving a few hours to get to them, and I’ll probably listen to them the whole way there, too – I’m obsessed.

Wikipedia says they’re an “American rock band”, so if that explains their sound, sure. I really like kind of angsty spoken vocals a lot, but if that isn’t your thing… well, listen anyway, maybe you’ll surprise yourself! 😛

All of their albums and stuff on Spotify is pretty great, but my favorite albums are Thanks. Sorry. Sure. and Beachboy – both are so good!!

Click here for the playlist!


1) SONG: Cut Out the Pieces | Album: Thanks. Sorry. Sure.

Click to listen!


2) SONG: The Lions Den | Album: Beachboy

Click to listen!


3) SONG: Is Your Shirt Inside Out | Album: The Sum of All Fears

Click to listen!


4) SONG: Daddy-Longlegs | Album: Thanks. Sorry. Sure

Click to listen!


5) SONG: Yarn | Album: Yarn

Click to listen!


6) SONG: Dear Everyone, I’m Sorry | Album: Forest Life

Click to listen!


7) SONG: Bottom | Album: Beachboy

Click to listen!


8) SONG: Paper, Pencil, Copyright | Album: Yarn

Click to listen!


9) SONG: Dead Bird II | Album: Thanks. Sorry. Sure.

Click to listen!


10) SONG: Skeleton Bones | Album: The Sum of All Fears

Click to listen!


I’m excited for future posts, AND CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT’S SHOW!!! Hopefully I won’t be too sleepy on the way home – I’ve got to drive 2ish hours back pretty late, and night driving is scary, haha. Wish me luck! (And fingers crossed I get a shirt!)

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