Tag Tuesday: The Reader Problems Book Tag

Finally back! I’m excited for this book tag, and have been waiting til I felt okay enough to blog again to participate so I could have fun with it – and the time is now! Thanks to Destiny for tagging me; if you haven’t already started following her & reading her blog, what are you waiting for? She’s the sweetest person and I love her very much! 😀

1. you have 20,000 books on your TBR. how do you decide what to read next?

This is so hard for me ’cause I’m terribly indecisive outside of work/professional situations. Normally, I pick up whatever thing I need to review next, but even then sometimes I have a stack and don’t know where to start! Sometimes I’ll theme it to the time of year / holiday / etc, but more often than not, I ask someone else to choose for me. My roommate or Twitter, most likely!

2. you’re halfway through a book, and you’re just not loving it. do you put it down or are you committed?

While I am very pro-DNFing books for other people, I have a hard time actually doing it myself. Unless a book is just written in a way that I can’t fathom actually finishing it, I typically trudge along – but I do so simultaneously while reading other books, so it sometimes will take me months to finish.

3. the end of the year is coming, and you’re behind on your reading challenge. do you try to catch up? and if so, how?

Hahaha, story of my life right now! I had to change my goal from 200 to 150 this year because in January, I was working 2 jobs and volunteering a couple days a week. Now I have 3 – 4 jobs and a bunch of other obligations, so keeping up with reading has been a more difficult task for me than normal. I’m probably going to do a mad rush of novellas & graphic novels toward the end of the year ’cause they totally count and I have a backlog of both anyway!

4. the covers of a series you love do not match. how do you cope?

This destroys me, please don’t do it!! I’ll buy your books anyway, but know that it hurts me deeply.

5. everyone and their mother love a book that you do not. who do you bond with over your shared feelings?

I don’t have anyone specific to do this with, normally I just complain in general and commiserate if anyone happens to feel the same, haha.

6. you’re reading a book in public, and you’re about to start crying. how do you deal?

Aww, this happens to me regularly over everything and it’s awful! I’d probably stop reading and blink furiously to try to get it to stop, fail, and then make an excuse about my eyes being sensitive to anyone that noticed me trying to keep my mascara intact. 😦

7. the sequel to a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot of what happens. are you going to reread it?

Of course! It may push the sequel a bit further down on my TBR list though because of that, but it’ll be worth it.

8. you do not want anyone to borrow your books. how do you politely say no when someone asks?

I’m usually pretty honest, and also pretty generous with my stuff. Certain signed or special editions of books are ones I normally won’t lend, but I’m open with the rest of it! If I have to say no for some reason, I just explain why nicely. People are typically pretty understanding if you’re just honest with them!

9. you have picked up and put down five books in the last month. how do you get over this reading slump?

I keep trying, usually! I try not to be too hard on myself. I have several hobbies, and while reading is my biggest one, it’s not the only one I devote a lot of time to. Sometimes I go a couple days without reading at all, and that’s okay!

10. there are so many books coming out that you are dying to read. how many do you end up buying?

All of them if I can, hahaha. I love buying books! All I ever want for holidays as gifts are books (but for some reason non-readers don’t usually count these as “gifts”, sigh), and I love adding to my personal library whenever I can afford to. Recently I’ve been trying to spend less on books, so I’ve been using my library more – and have also been lucky enough to receive some ARCs of my most anticipated reads for 2019! Thank goodness for that!

11. after you purchase all of these books that you’re dying to read, how long do they sit on your shelf before you read them?

Wow, I feel personally attacked by this question, hahaha. I plead the fifth!


I’d like to tag anyone that wants to do it! I’ve lost track during my hiatus of who has done what, but this one was fun, so go for it if you want to!

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3 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: The Reader Problems Book Tag

  1. I always love reading your answers for tags! Also,

    All I ever want for holidays as gifts are books (but for some reason non-readers don’t usually count these as “gifts”, sigh

    STORY OF MY DAMN LIFE lmao! I’m very lucky that my spouse Gets It™ and will usually get me books as gifts for holidays and birthdays, and my mom will get me a few too, but otherwise, none of my family/friends/ex-partners have ever gotten it 😭

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