Thursday 10: Shows I Love On Netflix (US) Right Now

I’m excited to be back to my normal Thursday 10 lists, yay! I’ve missed making these, and have a bunch of ideas for upcoming lists in the future. 😀

I’ve always really liked TV, and since it suits my attention span better than most movies, it’s my go-to for quick entertainment if I’m not feeling super up to reading, artsy stuff, or playing video games.

This week’s list is brought to you by the last few weeks of my Netflix binging, and the fact that no matter what mood I’m in, I can always manage to distract myself from it if I watch enough television. 😉

Shows I Love On Netflix (US) Right Now

1) Russian Doll

I didn’t expect how much I’d like this; I knew I loved Natasha Lyonne, but I was unprepared for how incredibly fucking entertaining she’d be in this show. I started it at like 7 PM one night on a whim, and marathoned the entire first season over the next 8 hours. It’s so bizarre, and so good!

2) Mindhunter

I’m not sure why I thought this show was a documentary, but I did. I avoided it because someone whose opinions normally did not match with mine at all recommended it to me ages ago, and I just filed it under things “I probably wouldn’t like”. My mistake, okay, I can admit when I’m wrong! My boyfriend suggested it while visiting me, and I ended up being hooked. I’m almost finished with the second season now!

3) Derry Girls

I normally have a terrible time with accents, but I think spending years working with people from and being in the actual city of Derry helped me tremendously because I barely even need subtitles for this! It’s really, really funny in all kinds of inappropriate, dumb ways. I love it and need to watch the new season on Netflix NOW!

4) The Good Place

I’ll watch literally anything with Kristen Bell in it, anything. Luckily, everything she’s in is fucking gold, so if you haven’t watched this, you should. You’re welcome.

5) Dead to Me

I’m realizing a lot of these have a “I didn’t expect to like this” theme, so I really need to accept that I’m just very into TV as a whole and should watch everything ’cause I’ll probably surprise myself by how much of it I like. Someone I used to work with raved about this, and despite that person being someone I didn’t really like or get along with, I randomly decided to watch it and it’s another one I binged through the entire first season of. Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate are perfect.

6) The Haunting of Hill House

I. LOVE. SCARY. SHIT. I’ve rewatched this show and every single time I do, I notice more hidden ghosts in the backgrounds of scenes. It’s bananas how many they put in there!! And the same jump scares get me every single time. I love everything about it.


Sometimes my roommate and I decide to start shows together despite the huge list of things we’ve already started and haven’t finished, and GLOW was one of those! Glitter and spandex and women’s wrestling in the 80s – what’s not to enjoy? It’s a spectacle, and a very entertaining one!

8) The End of the F***ing World

Okay, I don’t know how to sell this one if you haven’t already seen it, ’cause the premise is pretty grim. The main character thinks he’s a psychopath, and spoiler, he hurts/kills poor lil animals, which is awful and terrible and makes me sad! That aside, the rest of the show is all character development and amusing dialogue and awkward social skills, so if you can get through the worst part, it’s pretty good!

9) Black Mirror

I have to be in the right mood for Black Mirror ’cause sometimes it’s too real and fucks me up, haha. That said, it has so many good episodes that I can watch and rewatch and still be entertained by. I love fucked up reality type things, and while some of the episodes are pretty off putting, the ones that I love make me really like the show overall.

10) Santa Clarita Diet

This show is so fucking weird and good and you should watch it!! It’s basic-suburban-folk-meets-oh-shit-now-I’m-a-zombie, and it’s wonderful. I’ve loved Drew Barrymore since I was a little kid and saw ET, and that love only grew stronger throughout the 90s. Now, I’ll pretty much watch anything on Netflix that she’s in, and while not everything is as good as this show, I’ll still keep watching every movie co-starring Adam Sandler that she releases!

Okay, I had to do an “Honorable Mentions” section for shows that aren’t recent, but are ones I go back to over and over again, and probably always will (at least, until they take them off Netflix… rude). This is an extra special Thursday 10, because I’m an indecisive mess and so now you have a Thursday 20! Which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but we’re gonna go with anyway. 🙂

Honorable Mention 1) The Office

Honorable Mention 2) Parks & Recreation

Honorable Mention 3) Gilmore Girls

Honorable Mention 4) Twin Peaks

Honorable Mention 5) Supernatural

Honorable Mention 6) Star Trek 

Honorable Mention 7) Trailer Park Boys

Honorable Mention 8) Charmed

Honorable Mention 9) Nailed It!

Honorable Mention 10) Queer Eye

Did I include any of your favorites? If I missed any, let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Thursday 10: Shows I Love On Netflix (US) Right Now

  1. I keep seeing Derry Girls and thinking I might start watching it, so it’s good to know you love it!!
    I can recommend Sex Education as well. It’s a bit awkward, but it’s also sweet and funny. 💕

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