Artist Feature: Daniele Serra

I’m back at it again with my Artist Features! I’m still super excited about these – being able to show off artists of all types (painting, writing, musical, whatever!) that I love, and share them with people reading my blog, is pretty great. Make sure to check out the blog tag for past Artist Features!

Today I’m showing off one of my favorite new-to-me artists, who I discovered by being a part of the wonderful bookstagram community. I’ve loved books for my whole entire life, and I’ve always been the type of person to judge a book by it’s cover – at least initially! I think a great cover can make a world of difference for a book’s target audience, marketability, and overall aesthetic – and if there’s one thing I love, it’s a well developed aesthetic (rainbow or not, I swear!).

Daniele Serra is an Italian illustrator & comic book artist that has the “developed aesthetic” thing down to a science. He also makes some of the most incredible book covers I’ve ever seen. His artwork and pieces are all incredibly coherent, regardless of the actual subject matter. Even someone unfamiliar with “art” as a subject would be able to spy the similarities and cohesiveness to his style, and it’s easy to see that he’s an expert at his craft.

I could honestly just show you pictures of his art and the books I own (and love) that he’s done – AND I WILL! – and leave it at that because his skill speaks for itself, but to add to everything above, according to the bio on his website, Daniele’s done over 250 (!!!!!) book covers from publishers “all over the world”, had his work featured in movies, and has worked with notable and amazing authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker. Like, he’s kind of a big deal! And for good reason – he’s so talented.

Okay, so without further ado… His art! This is just a small sample, I’d highly recommend following him on Twitter or on Instagram to see more!

Gwendolyn Kiste Book Covers

(Bottom right – THE RUST MAIDENS – is one of Daniele’s covers! These are both books by Gwendolyn Kiste, who I’d highly recommend reading! She is a wonderfully talented writer and overall lovely human being!)


Again, this is just a few of the things he’s done, so definitely check out his social media if you like those! He’s so good, and has so many great things to look at – it was hard for me to narrow them down to just a few only for this post!

Do you judge books by their covers? Don’t hate me for it – I promise I’ll still read a book even with a cover I don’t super love, and won’t let the cover deter me! 😛 Pretty books just really draw the eye!

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