5 Facts & 5 Goals: Birthday Edition!

My birthday is tomorrow! I’m the kind of person that loves celebrating birthdays – some people aren’t into it or grow out of it, but I don’t know that I ever will. I start celebrating on the first day of the month – September 1st for me marks the start of fall, and of my birthday month! I have my traditional first PSL of the season on that day, and have for the last several years. I am a creature of habit and my little personal traditions make me happy!

This year, I thought I’d start a new one – a blogging tradition! For as long as I continue blogging, every year on my birthday, I’ll be sharing 5 facts about myself, and 5 goals for my next year of life! It’ll be cool to look back and reflect on each year, and if I met the goals I set for myself previously. I know people normally make these sorts of goals in January as New Year’s Resolutions, but… I mean, it’s sort of a new year for me, right? 😛

As a part of this new year, and one of my 5 goals below, I’ve decided to make the switch to self-hosting my blog, which I’ll share some resources and more info of at some point in the future. It’s something I’m nervous about, but have been inspired by a few of my fellow bloggers to do due to the benefits of making the change. I’ll elaborate a ton soon, and if you’re interested in making the change yourself, I’ll be including links to said friend’s blogs which have lots of details about how to do it yourself (and were super helpful for me when deciding!). I’m still waiting a bit so things will continue as per usual around here, but once I make the change, I’ll be sure to make an announcement!

Also, I can’t believe I’m going to be 31 tomorrow, ahh! I feel like my 20s flew by, and my 30s so far have felt so much better. I feel more accepting of myself and less worried about what other people think, which is wonderful! 30 (…1), flirty, and thriving! 😛



5 Random Facts About the Birthday Girl

  1. I’ve seen the S05E14 – “Stress Relief Part 1” episode of The Office more times than I’ve seen any other episode of any other show ever. I watch this when I fall asleep when I’m sick or not feeling great or just want something comforting on, and have been teased about it because I “literally fall asleep to the sounds of people panicking”, lol. I just love the episode! Dwight starting an actual fire in their office to teach his coworkers about fire safety after his PowerPoint presentation wasn’t well-received is one of my favorite things to happen on the show; the Silence of the Lambs nod later in the episode is just the icing on the cake. (Side note: While this post was in “Scheduled” mode, but fully written, my sister surprised me with an early birthday present which is a sequined pillow of Dwight’s ‘Silence of the Lambs’ face from this episode! SUCH A PERFECT GIFT!)
  2. I currently manage 11 different social media accounts professionally for work as a digital strategist & content creator. I also write for 4 different blogs for work, and contribute to the Night Worms horror book blog as a hobby. In addition to those things, I have my little blog here – which has been around for over 5 years, but I’ve only really focused on using for the last 2 – and then various social media accounts of my own! Suffice it to say, I spend a lot of time online. I fully believe in using social media intentionally & definitely believe the pros of it outweigh the cons. It’s also a hugely useful tool for any blog, business, or person looking to reach & connect with their audience & community! I love digital marketing & social media so much, ya’ll.
  3. I’m very into everything about the 90s. From the decor to the advertising to the clothing/style choices to the pop culture & media (SO MANY GOOD MOVIES!!!); I’m obsessed. If I could go back and re-live a decade, it’d be that one, forever. Maybe even like 1991 – 2001, specifically? Yes, that sounds good!
  4. My favorite Disney movies are Beauty & the Beast and Tarzan. The library from B&tB was INCREDIBLE to me as a kid – I had no idea a person could own a personal library, and this changed everything for me, haha. I’d always wanted to live inside a library, so being able to have areas in my own home hugely dedicated to books like a real library was amazing to me! For Tarzan, I love the movie, but also I really love Phil Collins, hahaha.
  5. I’m allergic to bananas! I eat them anyway because they’re delicious, but they make my mouth and throat feel like they’re covered in papercuts, lol.


5 Goals for the Next Year

  1. As mentioned in the intro, I’m going to be eventually moving to self-hosted blogging! I’m doing this for a few reasons, but it mostly comes down to having way more features, analytics tools, and the ability to take my blog & brand more seriously while also being much more affordable than the current hosting I have. There may be some slight changes to the appearance of my blog as I go, but mostly, things should stay pretty much the same!
  2. I also want to focus on sharing the things I’ve learned from work or from blogging & using social media for the last few years with more people, so that anyone can try their hand at it if they want to. I believe that there’s room for all of us, and am happy to share my knowledge with anyone who wants it! I’m going to do another post soon with my brand/blog refocus soon!
  3. I want to have more adventurous experiences. My job as an event vendor involves traveling and getting out of my comfort zone a lot to go to all kinds of different events and interact with sometimes over 1,000 people in a few hours of time. Pushing myself to do these things has made me more open to having more experiences of my own, like visiting new places that aren’t within a 5 mile radius of my house, or trying new things that I had been previously closed to. I’m happy that the fall season is fast approaching, ’cause the weather makes me want to go outside!
  4. Catch up on my review pile! I have a bunch of books I’ve read but haven’t had the time to write full reviews for (this post alone took me multiple sittings ’cause my attention span is so short), or haven’t finished reading yet. I’m actually probably going to be closing my review requests soon (leaving them open only to authors/publishers I’ve worked with before already).
  5. I want to make more art! I’m planning to learn / do more fiber arts, as the textures are amazing and make me super happy. I plan to learn weaving, to continue making rainbows, and to paint more stuff! Plus, I want to start sharing embroidery patterns & tips, too!

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