Refocusing My Blog

Hellooo! I’m pretty excited for this post, so thanks for being here! If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I’ve changed the focus of what I write about a bit over the years. Initially, my blog was a branch off of my previous one, which was almost completely about baking & cooking. I wanted to spread out with the rest of my interests, primarily in the realms of books and art, and so Let’s Get Galactic was born!

I’ve always had a huge interest in sci-fi, and anything space-related. I was invited to NASA as a social media specialist a few years ago to be given a tour of a few of their projects, and to write up an article about social media’s importance to the progression of our scientific endeavors. With the way our society is moving more and more toward online news sources & social media being a primary source of information, understanding and utilizing social media as more than a “scrolling past-time” is more crucial than ever to remain updated and “in the know”.

My professional jobs are very, very involved in social media and blogging. I’m a content creator, a digital strategist, a social media marketing manager, and I just really generally love the internet. I love the way it changes, and the way it can be used to help reach wider audiences and more people than have ever been possible before for the average computer-user. I love the impact it can have on not just people, but for entrepreneurs, and artists, and small business owners. Creators who may not have had the platform to share their work before can now use a hashtag and be put in the same categories with established, popular artists – and that’s incredible! The same can be true for any field.

Maximizing your social media efforts and solidly building & maintaining a social media strategy can make a world of difference to your blog, your shop, or even just your #bookstagram account!

Obviously, I’m very passionate about social media. I feel like it gets a bad reputation from people; we’re always being told to “unplug”, to “put down our phones”, to “make connections”. I feel like a majority of the people saying these things are people who haven’t yet assimilated to the current technological age, and who are using their insistence that being “unplugged” equals being a better functioning person. And that just isn’t true! I’ve been lucky enough to make so many genuine, loving, amazing connections to people through social media, and through the internet. I’m not at all denouncing the importance of physical connections and in-person interactions, but the internet can be a truly wonderful place.

For the future of this blog, I’d like to focus on books and book reviews still, yes! Absolutely. My book is first and foremost a place for me to share what I love and am interested in and want to share with the world, which primarily happens to be whatever recent book I’ve read or am about to read or just received to review.

That said, I’m also very into helping people understand and use social media in a way that benefits them. I believe in using social media intentionally, and focusing those intentions on expansion, community, reach, and growth for you, your hobbies, your blog, your Instagram, your business!

I’m really excited to start sharing more tips and information on using social media intentionally, and on everything from starting your own blog or Etsy, to the importance of creating a content calendar, and which scheduling tools I’ve found to work the best for each social media platform. I’ll be sharing everything I know with anyone that’s interested, from algorithms to hashtags and more!

For those who are mainly just around to read about the books I’ve loved, thank you! You’ll still keep seeing more of the same content you love!

For anyone interested in upping their social media, digital marketing, and blog game – here we go! I can’t wait to share more soon!

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5 thoughts on “Refocusing My Blog

  1. As someone who is thinking more and more about plugging actual money into a self-hosted blog and expanding what I can do with book blogging/reviewing I am super excited to see what you have in store!

  2. It’s been great to find you… I have to say that I struggle with social media and I cannot say I’ve been successful at driving readers to my blog from it.
    I’m looking forward to all your posts. 😀

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