5 Bookish Products I Use Every Day

Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft, Clive Barker portraits on bookmarks

I love finding bookish or book related products to use, so I thought I’d put a list of my favorite ones together! These vary in pricing, but most of the things here are pretty affordable. I love finding new stuff, so suggest whatever your favorites are to me down in the comments below!


1) A rolling book cart (Buy it!)

These carts are amazing! You can buy them on Amazon or in Target or IKEA as well, but my favorite ones came from Michaels. I have 3 – a white one and a black one, both used for books, and then a pastel pink one that I use for my craft & embroidery supplies! They’re great, and because they’re metallic, you can also put magnets on them!


Rolling book cart with books

Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft, Clive Barker portraits on bookmarks

2) Book marks (Buy it!)

I use bookmarks in everything! You can obviously buy some from me, or there are loads of shops on Etsy that offer them as well. A Stranger Dream is a great bookmark shop, and so is The Bookish Den!

Choking Back the Devil book by Donna Lynch held in front of rainbow bookshelves

3) Rainbow book tabs (Buy it!)

I use these to mark specific passages and quotes from my books, either just ’cause I enjoyed them a lot or because I want to feature something in a review. I love these rainbow ones ’cause they add a bright pop of color to my books! The Night Worms subscription box actually came with a few of these a couple months ago, which was super awesome since I’d been running out of my own!

Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Markers

4) Mildliner Highlighters (Buy it!)

I love using these highlighters to mark things in books in addition to the tabs above! My favorite books are littered with markings and notes and tabs – some people hate personalizing things with annotation, but this is how I’ve always read!


Belle's Book Sleeves

5) Book sleeves (Buy it!)

These book sleeves are so cool – textured and furry, or fabric and colorful! Patterns and designs vary shop to shop, but this is one I’ve admired a lot! Book sleeves are great for protecting your book – or your iPad! I sometimes fit mine into the larger sized book sleeves I have,

What are some things you use every day, or some of your favorite bookish related items? Let me know! I might need one. 😉

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6 thoughts on “5 Bookish Products I Use Every Day

  1. Ah that’s where you guys get your rolling karts!! While I do love the look of them, I have no idea what i’d put on it or even where to place it in my room 🙃
    Ohh yes yes bookmarks! I just started my « book sleeves » collection and bought my first one (though I just always keep it in my bag to slip my ipad or my book inside xd)

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