DIY: Make Your Own Rainbow Christmas Tree!

DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you all! I’ve gotten so many questions about my Christmas tree – where I got it is one of the most common questions, and people are usually surprised when I tell them I made it myself!

Don’t get me wrong – I love the regular red & green or gold Christmas color schemes, and don’t think badly of ‘classic Christmas’ at all! But this Rainbow Christmas Tree DIY Tutorial is super easy, pretty inexpensive, and is a great way to make your Christmas a little more colorful – so maybe give it a try this year, and see how a unicorn might celebrate Christmas! 🦄🎄


DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree Tutorial

DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree with Unicorn Ornaments



🎄 Spray paint in the colors of your choice (I used this brand you can buy here on Amazon in colors KEY LIME, SEASIDE, REAL ORANGE, SUN YELLOW, BERRY PINK, and GRAPE)

🎄 A white Christmas tree

🎄 Christmas decorations of your choice (ornaments, lights, tinsel, topper!)



Step 1: Gather materials, and unwrap your tree. Shake your cans how the instructions say to prep for spray painting!

A Christmas tree and spray paint cans for a DIY tutorial


Step 2: Spray paint your tree in sections, making sure you spray in a well ventilated or outdoor area. Hit the tree with your paint spray from all directions – I even turned mine upside down to ensure even coverage! When meeting colors, you can either do a blend like I did – a sort of gradient where I went over some areas with 2 different colors to gradually blend them – or you can cut them off more abruptly and solidly, creating a color block effect.

DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree After Spray Painting

Step 3: Let your tree dry as per the can instructions! Once it’s dry, you can bring it inside & decorate it!


Bonus: Mini – Tree Tutorial!

Mini Rainbow Christmas Tree

This tree’s branches were super sparse, so I filled in the blank spots after spray painting (using the above directions) with a fluffy white giant strand of tinsel! It’s super cute, and the addition of color-matched mini ornaments really bring out a cute Charlie Brown feel to it. 😉


DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree with Unicorn Ornaments

DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree Mini with Bookshelves


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