Thursday 10: ‘Tis The Season – My Holiday Favorites!

December is here! I’m so excited ’cause Christmas is my favorite holiday ever – next to my birthday, of course! 😉

This year, I decided to theme all of my Thursday 10s in December for holiday-themed stuff! This one is a general “Christmas things I love!”, but the rest will be more specifically themed to show off my favorite holiday books, movies, and things I’d love to do!

What’s your favorite thing about this part of the year? Do you have any holiday traditions? Share them with me in the comments!


1) Decorating the Christmas tree

I just posted a DIY on my blog about making your own Rainbow Christmas tree, but even if you’re not into the rainbow spirit, any decorating is fun! Christmas trees are one of my absolute favorite symbols of Christmas, and they never fail to make me feel that fun holiday spirit and cheer. 😀

DIY Rainbow Christmas Tree

2) Thanksgiving!

Okay, this one is technically pre-December, BUT! It’s holiday related, and part of what I consider to be part of the “holiday season”, so I’m adding it! I love cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner, and eating leftovers for days off of it – in sandwiches, soups, empanadas, everything! I have a specific Thanksgiving TV show episode playlist from some of my favorite shows that I watch while cooking & eating, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the year.

3) Christmas flavors & themed drinks

I loooove Christmas flavors! Eggnog is probably one of my favorites, but I’m also a sucker for anything pumpkin or cinnamon.


4) Holiday movies

I’ll have an upcoming list of my favorite holiday movies soon, too! I love the cheesey romantic Christmas comedies that come to Netflix every year – such a fun, guilty pleasure! They’re always formulaic, but they just give me such a feel-good sort of cheer!


5) Baking cookies

Nothing’s better than freshly baked cookies pulled from the oven – the smell, the warmth, the gooey chocolate chips! Yum! I love baking cookies anytime, but the holidays with the colder weather and the Santas needing sustenance – I love it!


6) Christmas Mall decorations

A lot of people hate malls & shopping around this time of the year, but I love it! I go to the mall just to walk around and see the Mall Santas and giant Christmas trees and to hear the Christmas music. It always puts me in the holiday mood!



7) Vacation time

I know this isn’t a certain thing for everyone, but for the last few years I’ve usually been able to take the actual day of Christmas off. Normally, I work before/after – but this will be my first year having actual Christmas vacation time surrounding the holiday, and I’m very excited about it!


8) Cold weather & snuggly blankets

I love chilly weather, but I get cold very easily, which is why I rely on snuggly, warm blankets all winter long! I especially love warm & fuzzy PJ bottoms and socks – so comfy, so cozy!!


9) Christmas music

If you’re one of those people that hates Christmas music or has decided that there are certain dates it’s appropriate only, we probably should avoid each other around the holidays! I never, ever get tired of holiday jams, and I love hearing them in stores and out & about – even in October!


10) Traditions!

I don’t have a huge number of traditions, but the few I do have, I love! I watch the same playlist of shows every Thanksgiving while cooking & eating, I open a single present on Christmas Eve, and I eat white powdered donuts like my mom did on Christmas morning! I love traditions and the idea of making new ones each year! So festive! 😀


What are some of your holiday favorites? Are you as into this season & Christmas as I am? I’m soooo excited for the holiday, ahhh!!!


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2 thoughts on “Thursday 10: ‘Tis The Season – My Holiday Favorites!

  1. I love your Christmas favorites! Beautiful, colourful Christmas tree! Cozy blankets and those cute Netflix romantic comedies it is my think too. And there my first Christmas in 12 years that I won’t need to go to work. 🙂

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