Thursday 10: My Holiday Bucket List

Christmas cookies

Onto the second post in my holiday Thursday 10 series! I’m loving the season so far – and who else is having trouble believing how close we are to 2020? This year has flown by, but has been so full of change as well that it feels like it’s lasted 20 years all by itself, haha.

For this post in the series, I wanted to put together a list of random Christmas-time-y things & places that I’d love to do, see, or visit someday! A lot of them are stereotypical TV-Christmas type things, which I am very okay with. 😛


1) Make a wreath for my front door

This seems like such a fun DIY project, and I plan to make one in 2020! I’m thinking white, and pink, or rainbow… with unicorns?! 😛


Hot Cocoa Next to a Fire

2) Drink hot chocolate next to a fire

I have a fireplace but it doesn’t work! Sadness ensues.


3) Chop down my own Christmas tree

I’ve actually done this once, but it was a mini-tree, so it doesn’t count! I want a full tree that I have to strap to the roof of my car, like on TV!


4) Get my picture taken with Santa!

We could never afford doing this when I was a kid, and I always wanted to. Maybe now I will! 😛


5) See the Nutcracker ballet

I love most live performances, and ballet is so pretty! Plus I love the music from the Nutcracker so much!

The Nutcracker Ballet


6) Build a gingerbread house

I’ve made a little gingerbread spooky house for Halloween, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a real Christmas one! That needs to change!


7) Bake Christmas cookies while watching Christmas movies

There’s just something about the smell of cookies & having Christmas music or movies on in the background that makes everything feel so wonderful & warm & festive!

Christmas cookies


8) Decorate my house for the holidays

This one usually gets skipped due to cost, but I want to save up for it next year & go all out! Our neighborhood isn’t huge on decorations, but maybe we can lead the way??

Christmas Decorations & Lights on a House


9) Have an ugly Christmas sweater party

This is just fun! I love these sorts of sweaters – even if people think they look bad! Plus, what better excuse to drink eggnog and be with friends?


10) Have a White Christmas!

I don’t live in a place where it snows, and only ever have once (when it snowed a few days after Christmas), but one day maybe I will! Or I can at least take a holiday trip somewhere for a Christmas where I get to wake up and see snow!


What are some of your stereotypical holiday fun things to do or see? Do we share any? I love this season so much, these themed lists are definitely getting me into the holiday spirit!


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