Thursday 10: Horror Books to Read This Winter

I love themed horror, and Christmas or winter themed stories are some of my favorites. I love the juxtaposition of happy holidays and lots of scares – holiday horror has always been my #1 favorite niche genre of all time!

While not ALL the books on this list are totally Christmas themed, a bunch of them are – and the rest feature wintry landscapes, frigid weather, or terrifying chills!

1) N0S4A2 by Joe Hill – Click here for my review!

This is one of my favorite books, and I’ve read it 3 times – which probably explains why I own so many different editions! I recommend it to anyone asking for book recommendations who may like Stephen King, horror, or Christmas spookiness.

2) THE WINTER PEOPLE by Jennifer McMahon – Click here for my review!

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon book cover

I hosted a readalong of this one in 2018, and it was so much fun reading in a big group! I loved the story, and have been reading Jennifer McMahon since I was in my early 20s when I discovered her thrillers. I love her way with words, and she’s so nice on social media as well!

3) HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SCREAM edited by Christopher Golden – Click here for my review!

This was one of the very first books sent in a Night Worms book package, and I loved it! Having an entire Christmas horror themed box was so incredible, and I loved the short stories in this collection. This was actually also one of the very first digital ARCs I ever asked for on NetGalley, but I waited ’til the box came to read it ’cause I wanted to read it with the rest of the folks getting their packages that month!

4) THE SHINING by Stephen King

It’s not super Christmas related, but it does take place over the course of winter at the Overlook Hotel, so I could it as a winter book!

5) DEAD OF WINTER by Kealan Patrick Burke – Click here for my review!

This collection by Kealan Patrick Burke is a great one – short, sweet, and spooky! Just how I like my short story collections! Plus that cover is beautiful – love the skull in the trees!


There’s always room for more classic-feeling gothic Christmas type horror, right? Right!


These collections are put together from 19th century periodicals during the Victorian era, and it’s so freaking cool to read now & compare to modern ghost stories today!

9) JIMMY THE FREAK by Charles Colyott & Mark Steensland

I just finished this one a few days ago and loved it! And look at the cute snowman on the cover – perfect winter vibes!

10) ARARAT by Christopher Golden

I couldn’t leave this one off the list! It’s the first book in Christopher Golden’s Ben Walker series, and follows the character on a supernatural thriller-adventure on a snowy mountain! Definitely check it out.

If I’ve left any off that you’d definitely recommend, comment and let me know!! I’m always looking to add to my ‘winter horror’ library!

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