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My amazing friend Destiny tagged me over on her Howling Libraries blog back in November, and I am slow as heck at tags right now, so it has taken me awhile to get here! I’m so grateful for knowing Destiny, and if you haven’t checked out her blog, make sure you do so ASAP – she’s a great blogger, and an amazing friend! (Thank you so much for the tag!)


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1. Recommend a book from one of your favorite genres:

Cricket Hunters Book Review by Jeremy Hepler

I’m going to go with Cricket Hunters by Jeremy Hepler, because I can’t fit it into a single genre. The story blends so many of my favorites together seamlessly – coming of age, horror, thriller – and I couldn’t put it down. Read my full review here!


2. Recommend a short book:

To Be Devoured Book Cover in front of Rainbow Bookshelves


I can’t say enough good things about Sara Tantlinger’s debut novella, To Be Devoured. It was one of my favorite releases of 2019, and I’m still just as in love with it as I was then! This is everything horror should be – brutal, raw, and absolutely horrifying. Read my full review here!

3. Recommend a book-to-screen adaptation:

I read IT by Stephen King last January and absolutely loved it! I’d already loved every other adaptation I’d seen, but reading it was a whole new experience. I love that more things from the book are being included in the recent remake adaptation films, and love what I’ve seen of them so far!


4. Recommend a book out of your comfort zone:

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, for sure! I’m not a huge reader of contemporary, nor do I typically read many music-related books. I picked this one up on a whim, and ended up becoming obsessed with it – the audiobook especially is incredible! The interview format is such a unique way of storytelling, and TJR is so good at it – I’m reading her other book, THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO, now! I’m loving it, too!


5. Recommend a book series:

I’m going to copy Destiny’s answer for this one without a single ounce of shame because these books deserve every bit of attention they get, always. Seanan McGuire is one of my favorite authors, and her Wayward Children series is one of the best book series I’ve ever read. It’s magical and dark and beautifully written – the 5th installment just came out in early January!


6. Recommend a standalone:

Just recently released, True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik is one of the most messed up books I’ve ever read, and comes with lots of trigger warnings – but if you’re able to get through the subject matter, it’ll likely become a favorite. It’s so well written, and so hard to read at the same time. I loved it and read it in single sitting.

7. Recommend a book you don’t talk about enough:

Coyote Songs by Gabino Iglesias Book Flatlay Photo on Rainbow Board with #CurrentlyReading bookmark and "La Frontera" spelled out in Scrabble Tiles

I’m not sure if this counts ’cause I talk about this one a lot, but honestly, even if I talked about it every day, it wouldn’t be enough. Coyote Songs by Gabino Iglesias is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’ve given four copies of it as gifts because I think it’s so important for people to read. Read my full review here!


8. Recommend your “staple” book:

Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant book review and cover

I recommend the novella Rolling in the Deep – as well as the subsequent novel, INTO THE DROWNING DEEP, by Mira Grant more than anything else. Mira Grant is actually the horror/sci-fi writing name for Seanan McGuire, who write the Wayward Children series above! She’s an amazingly talented writer & I am a huge fangirl. I love this story so much – it’s got murderous mermaids, & horror science! What more could you want? Read my full review here!

9. Recommend the book(s) that got you into reading:

So, I’m cheating a little bit with this one. While I’d been reading for years before discovering Christopher Pike, he was the first author that I considered a true favorite, and whose books I actively sought out to collect. My 4th grade librarian gave me a big bag filled of Pike’s books (donated by her older daughter, who left them behind when she went to college & didn’t want them anymore), and I still have some of those original gifted copies here in this stack. They introduced me to horror, spirituality, mythology – so many things that I eventually went on to read and learn more about. He definitely broadened my reading horizons, so I’d recommend any of the books in this stack!


10. Recommend 3+ bloggers who recommend great books:

  1. Becca
  2. Evelyn
  3. Meeghan

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3 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

  1. OMG Cassie!! Thank you so much!! *cries in corner*
    I’m having a month, and I actually thought I’d been tagged to do this one, but then I read through your responses, and *sobs* thank you!! I’m so pleased you think this even though I don’t read horror/thriller books because I’m a scaredy cat!!
    Sending all the love 💕💕💕

  2. Yessss, so many good answers here haha! I squealed a little at that amazing Christopher Pike stack because I def remember him being such an important author in my teens! I should revisit some of his stuff one of these days. ❤

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