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Etsy Product Spotlight: Horror Lovers Valentine’s Day Cards

Do you, or does someone you love, enjoy all things horror-related? I made a whole collection of Horror Lovers Valentine’s Day Cards for those of us who maybe aren’t into the traditional mush-and-gush of Hallmark cards. šŸ˜‰

I have 6 different available designs, and while they’re promoted for and only available until February 14th, they don’t actually mention Valentine’s Day anywhere on them – so they make great year-round cards for the ones you love! Two of the designs are friend-related, so these don’t have to be romantic, either. ā¤


Horror Lovers Valentine's Day Cards - Xenomorph, Freddy Kruger, Pennywise, Hocus Pocus, Frankenstein and Bride, Chucky from Child's Play


Horror Lovers Valentine’s Day Card Designs:

Monster LoveĀ – Inspired by Frankenstein’s Monster & the Bride of Frankenstein, the outside text says, “I was made to love you.”

Queen LoveĀ – Inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien movie franchise, the outside text says, “You’re the queen of my heart.”

Doll LoveĀ – Inspired by Chucky from Child’s Play, the outside text says, “I’ll be your friend ’til the end.”

Witchy LoveĀ – Inspired by the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus, the outside text says, “You put a spell on me.”

Clown LoveĀ – Inspired by Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT, the outside text says, “You float my boat.”

Dreamy Love – Inspired by Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, the outside text says, “You are my dream come true.”


You can buy them by clicking here, or following this link:




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