Thursday 10: MORE Ladies Writing Horror Fiction You Need to Read ASAP

Back for another Thursday, and this one is going to be a continuation of last week’s Thursday 10 post prompt – Ladies Writing Horror Fiction You Need to Read ASAP!

Like I mentioned in that post, there are just too many for me to keep contained to a single list – and even now, with 20 total recommendations for you to check into after this list, there are still even more that you – and I! – can be reading. Just the other day, one of my friends asked for recommendations specifically for women of color writing horror fiction – since February is, after all, Black History Month! So many people I know chimed in to offer suggestions, and my TBR list grew quite a bit!

I’d highly, highly suggest checking out the Ladies of Horror Fiction folks over on Twitter, Instagram, and their blog here. They’re an amazing resource for readers and writers both, and promote & focus on a part of the horror industry that hasn’t always been so huge – and we love them for it!

There are also so many other writers, bloggers, artists, and publishers doing special things for this month – check out the #WomenInHorrorMonth tag and see what’s there! I plan to do a wrap up of some of my favorite posts early next month.


1) Gemma Amor

Check out:

  • Dear Laura

I read this little novella at the end of the 2019 and it blew me away. It was completely unputdownable, as they say! I’m very eager to check out more of Gemma’s writing after that one!


2) Carmen Maria Machado

Check out:

  • Her Body and Other Parties
  • In the Dream House

Carmen has both a short story collection out from 2017, and a nonfiction memoir type book that just released last year. While some of her writing can be considered horror, I also think it falls under the “dark magical realism” category – love it!


Image result for tananarive due THE GOOD HOUSE

3) Tananarive Due

Check out:

  • The Good House

Tananarive Due is one of the authors that’s been writing for years, but I didn’t discover til joining the bookish community – and I regret how long it took me, but am so glad I eventually got there! And as a plus to taking forever, she has a whole bunch of books out that I’ll be reading!


4) Laurel Hightower

Check out:

  • Whispers in the Dark

I’m supposed to be saving this book for an upcoming group read with some people, but I started it early because I just couldn’t wait anymore and WOW.


5) Caitlin Starling

Check out:

  • The Luminous Dead

One of my first books of the year, this one about deep cave exploration quickly became one of my most recommended books! I’m so impressed that Caitlin managed to write a totally gripping novel with so few characters, and really only ‘underground caves’ as the setting. And it’s so entertaining!!


6) Kristi DeMeester

Check out:

  • Everything That’s Underneath

Kristi is one of the authors I know about “because of #bookstagram”, and I’m super grateful for the early recommendation! Aside from this one shown, she also has a full novel out called BENEATH that I’m hoping to get my hands on soon!


7) Lucy A. Snyder

Check out:

  • Garden of Eldritch Delights

I actually just finished this collection, and loved it so much! Lovecraftian, sci-fi, dark fantasy-esque horror – it’s such a good blend of so many things I love.


A photo of a hand holding the book "I Am not Your Final Girl" in front of a bookshelf with rainbow books

8) Claire C. Holland

Check out:

  • I Am Not Your Final Girl

I’ve talked about this one so many times ’cause it’s one of my favorites, and I can’t recommend it enough. Claire’s such a good writer & I’m super looking forward to her next book, a collection based on mothers in horror movies!!


9) Alma Katsu

Check out:

  • The Hunger
  • The Deep

Alma’s knack for rewriting history to give it a scary/supernatural edit is amazing, and I hope she keeps writing books like the above two for many years to come.


10) Sarah Read

Check out:

  • The Bone Weaver’s Orchard

Another ‘because of #bookstagram’ buys, and another one I haven’t been disappointed by! I’d heard such great things from my author friends and reviewers friends alike, and for good reason: Sarah’s got writing chops, and storytelling ones to boot! This one’ll be on another list I have coming soon too, so stay tuned! 😉


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