Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2020

Is halfway into February too late for a January wrap-up? No? Good! 😀

I read a whopping 20 books this past month, which I think is a year-starting record for me maybe! Of those, a few were graphic novels, so don’t be too impressed – but still! I’m also happy to say that a lot of what I read were really quality books, and I enjoyed most of them quite a bit.

I’m going to do these each month, but just so you know what to expect, they’ll be similar to my old weekend wrap-ups (I’m just too lazy to do those every week, oops – plus, I can spend that time reading now!), so expect to see:

  • What I read
  • What I watched
  • What I posted
  • What I did that doesn’t fall within any of the categories above!

I’d also really like to start being better at keeping up with friend’s blogs. I’ve seen a few of them include round up type sections for blog posts by friends they’ve loved, so I’m gonna try to borrow that idea and incorporate it here!

Mostly, these will serve as a way for me to keep track of each month easily, since I’ll be using the same tag for all of them: click here for all my 2020 wrap-ups!

January has been a pretty good month for me. I started off the year by cutting down my time spent working, and I’m down to 3 jobs now from the 4 I worked at most of last year. It’s amazing how much free time I have now, which probably has something to do with the number of books I’ve read so far this year already, lol. I’m hoping to start making some new art stuff with this new free time soon, too! And I’ve been writing!! But more on that soon (maybe 😉 )!

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What I Read in January:

🌈 True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik

🌈 Frugal Vegan by Katie Koteen

🌈 Nailbiter Vol. 2 by Joshua Williamson

🌈 The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper

🌈 Off the Clock by Laura Vanderkam

🌈 We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk

🌈 Skinwrapper by Stephen Kozeniewski

🌈 The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling

🌈 Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

🌈 Transfer by Terry M. West

🌈 The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander

🌈 The Devil’s Dreamland by Sara Tantlinger

🌈 Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sockolov

🌈 Wytches Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder

🌈 The Deep by Rivers Solomon

🌈 Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

🌈 The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

🌈 How to Get Sh*t Done by Erin Falconer

🌈 Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

🌈 Through the Woods by Emily Carroll


What I Watched in January:

🌈 The Circle Season 1 (Netflix) – Holy shit, this show is ADDICTING and so good! I keep telling people to watch it – even if you don’t like reality TV! It’s entertaining, I swear.

🌈 Paranormal Activity (Amazon) – I wanted to marathon these randomly for some reason but couldn’t find them all, so I ended up renting the first one on Amazon. I’ll wait for a cheaper way to watch them all in a row! 😂

🌈 Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (Netflix) – My favorite of the Scooby movies, I love the music in this one so much! 🎶It’s terror time again!🎶

🌈 Parks and Recreation (Netflix) – I love Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson so much both as characters, jfc. This is one of my all-time favorite feel good shows, and I watch it a lot! I actually don’t think I’ve ever actually finished it, ’cause every time I get to the last few episodes, I start over. I’m too scared to say goodbye, lol.

🌈 Black Mirror (Netflix) – I rewatched a few of my favorite episodes (I’ll be doing a “Top 10 Favorite Black Mirror Episodes” blog post eventually!), and this show is so messed up and wonderful. I love it.

🌈 Don’t F**k with Cats (Netflix) – This was so weird and awful! Some of it made me cry ’cause I hate animal cruelty and love animals and just ugh.

🌈 You Season 1 & 2 (Netflix) – I’ve read the first book by Caroline Kepnes that inspired this show, and had actually seen the first episode when the show first aired – but I never continued with it (despite enjoying both) for some weird reason. I decided to give it another go, and quickly became addicted – I blew through both seasons in just a few days!

🌈 American Horror Story: Coven (Netflix) – I’ve seen this season before, but my boyfriend hasn’t finished it, so we went back for a couple episodes! It’s one of my favorites (Asylum is the best, don’t @ me – ALIENS AND ANNE FRANK IN THE SAME SEASON? Get out, I’m done, it’s got everything. 🎶Dominique-nique-nique 🎶)


What I Played in January

🌈 Overwatch ( – I’ve been playing this with my boyfriend!

🌈 Two Point Hospital (Steam) – I got this for the Winter Sale on Steam & it’s super fun, but also very addictive.

🌈 Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!! (Steam) – If you haven’t played this series, you should!

🌈 Slay the Spire (Steam) – I love the deck building aspect of this one – super fun!

🌈 Cooking Simulator (Steam) – Another cooking game, but this one is way more realistic – frustratingly so, lol.

🌈 Dead by Daylight (Steam) – I only played a few games of this, but it still makes my heart beat faster when I do!

🌈 My Time at Portia (Steam) – I think this is another Steam Sale one, but I’m not sure which sale it was. It’s fun, but I haven’t played too far into it ’cause it’s not the most intuitive game in the universe, lol.


Photos from January:

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