Book Review – Transfer by Terry M. West

Title: Transfer

Author: Terry M. West

Edition: Paperback

Page Count: 78 pages

Rating:  4 / 5 ✨✨✨✨✨

Short Summary: 

Prepare to scream forever! Howie Payne and Nick Enlow work the midnight shift at Big Carl’s Video Transfer and Media Services. An odd AVI clip begins to appear in their public drive on a nightly basis. At first Howie and Nick think it’s a serialized art house horror film someone on the day shift is sending them in secret. As the clips progress, however, the now obsessed duo discover something deeper and darker in the videos.

Horror author Terry M. West would like to introduce you to the Green Room and its primary occupant, The Screamer.


This was a quick little book, but it was a lot of fun to read! I’d seen it floating around on Twitter and Bookstagram, and loved the creepy, bright cover – so when West reached out about obtaining a copy for review consideration, I was ecstatic! Books involving creepy movies are some of my favorites to read, and I’d always wondered about the people who have jobs to review & edit recorded material. What if they saw something bad that they weren’t meant to see? Or something bad that they were?

The premise of this one is fairly straightforward, and the story doesn’t pull a lot of punches from left field. You’re introduced to the two main characters right away, and they’re just average guys trying to do their jobs as video editors for a company hired to edit things like wedding videos. The guys, their working relationship, and their dialogue were all really well written and believable, which I appreciated a lot. Although I don’t know these bros, I feel like I could from the way they joked and teased one another. Having such relatable characters in a short work of fiction isn’t easy, so props to West’s writing.

I honestly don’t want to divulge too much of the actual horror waiting within the recordings ’cause it’s a lot of fun to go in blind, not knowing what sort of evil entity you should be expecting. I will say that if you’re a fan of Creepypasta (or “spooky spaghetti”, as I mistakenly thought it was called, oops), this one is for you. Once you start this, it’ll be difficult to put down, which works with the book’s length and allows it to be read in a single sitting. The ending was also really satisfying – I truly wouldn’t have changed anything that happened throughout. Quick, brutal, and fun. This checks all my horror novella boxes!

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