ChooseToDo Inner | Holo(graphic!) Bullet Journal Cover Review

Anyone who knows me personally or that has been following my blog for awhile knows that I love organization. From spreadsheets to planners, I’ve felt a deep adoration for anything neat and orderly for as long as I can remember – and along with that has always been a love of anything cute or colorful. Combining my love of colorful aesthetics with organization and tidiness is kind of my favorite thing – I’m the type of girl that buys washi tape in excess and has a stack of unused backup journals ‘just in case I need them for something’, who makes lists for my lists, who makes a beeline for the stationary section of the craft store.

Because of this love of cute planning that I’ve developed, I’m an avid fan of creative bullet journaling – I love being able to personalize each week and month to my specifications, and keeping track of my daily life has helped narrow down specific triggers for my health issues over the last several years. From water intake and habit tracking to TV series episodes watched or tarot spreads, my bullet journal is an integral part of maintaining the many different aspects of my life – professional, social, personal, everything!


I’m a big fan of Instagram communities for things like bullet journaling – the people you meet through shared hobbies can be so nice and helpful when starting out! Even as someone that’s been using my bullet journals for a few years now, I love seeing other people’s spreads and set ups – it’s so inspiring to see the way people prioritize in their own lives, and each person’s planner is so unique and special to the individual.

I shared my Introduction to Bullet Journaling post 8 months ago, and spoke about some of my favorite things to use in my ~bujolife~. At that point, I’d been using my ChooseToDo planner for only a few months, and since I don’t like to review things until I’ve fully gotten to test them out, I waited a bit and gave it a lot of regular use. And here we are, almost a year after purchasing, and I’m just as in love as I was when I received my package in the mail!

ChooseToDo is a small family-owned company comprised of 3 siblings from Canada. The company itself is based in Taiwan, and had its grand opening launch back in January 2017 – which means they’re new to the bullet journaling and planning communities, but they haven’t let that stop them from making a big impact in the creative planning scene. I’d only seen one or two posts from people I followed on Instagram before deciding I absolutely needed one of their holographic covers.

They currently offer two main case options – their Choose|Holo case, which is for more traditional planner-type inserts, and their Inner|Holo case, which is absolutely perfect for normal journals – bullet or otherwise! They also regularly partner with creators of planner accessories on things like pens and washi tape, and their website says that they have other products planned for the future – so keep an eye on them!


Each Inner|Holo case can come in one of four color options – Inner Peace (powder blue), Inner Beauty (light salmon), Inner Joy (seafoam green), and Inner Hope (baby pink). It took me awhile to settle on a color and was ultimately torn between Inner Peace and Inner Beauty, but the “Be your own kind of beautiful” tagline accompanied the Inner Beauty cover sold me – that’s the kind of positive thinking a rainbow-haired girl can get behind! 😉

In addition to offering such pretty cases, the team itself is really great – they were extremely communicative with me during my order’s processing stage, during which Paypal had an issue that delayed my order, causing it to process fully for a few extra days. They upgraded my order’s shipping for free without even needing to be asked – a gesture that I really appreciated, especially since I ordered right around the holidays and mailtime can be hectic! I’m always impressed by great customer service and reliable shipping, and the ChooseToDo team gets a big A+ from me in both areas.


The case itself is extremely durable – I’ve traveled with it, had it in my purse, used it in public, carried it around. The construction is executed beautifully and the materials are all high quality – even the elastic enclosures haven’t lost their stretch! I’ve been able to personalize it with a few stickers, adding some cute personal flair to both the outside and inside covers. It’s also really easy to clean if you get any pen marks or spill anything on it – a quick paper town wipe with a small bit of soapy water and you’re golden!

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the company or my pretty case! I do plan to go back and get one of their Inner Peace covers eventually (you can never have too many planner cases!), and can’t wait to see what other holographic goodies they release. And since they’re so new, you can even be a part of the process!

Feel free to follow them on social media – they’re really communicative and nice, and their photos are what bujo inspo Pinterest board dreams are made of!


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